They Blew Up The Police Station, Seattle Blames Trump

Seattle Blames Trump After Exploded Police Station
Image Screenshot From PaulBudlineProd Youtube Video Below.

Antifa rioters have been terrorizing Seattle for quite some time. When the nation thought the horror has come to an end, the Antifa staged another outrageous incident yet again. This time, a van filled with explosives and weapons was driven to blow up a police department. Fire consumed the entire place minutes after the explosion.

Mayor Jenny Durkan blamed the incident on President Trump. She accused the President, “a dress rehearsal for martial law.” The mayor blamed the incumbent President for diminishing public safety despite his efforts in strengthening local law enforcement.

Durkan blasted that the President’s works have instead reduced public safety substantially. In a press conference, the mayor openly declared that “the President wants” the violence.

The Saturday riot evolved to a massive protest that supported the Antifa protesters in Portland. Among the subject of their atrocities are the Justice Center and the Federal Courthouse, which have been attempting to burn down for two months straight. The riots have been endless and extremely violent since.

As part of their agenda, the rioters used a van loaded with stun guns, smoke bombs, and fireworks. Some claimed that the van also featured gas masks, pepper sprays, and other explosives. According to a report in Seattle Times, the explosion created an 8-inch hole in the Police Department’s East Precinct, with more than 50 police officers injured.

Durkan, however, focused her rage on President Trump. Even though disheartened about the series of events, the mayor insisted that Trump uses the federal forces to override the role played by the police officials in the city for his political gains. Durkan said that such actions will only make things worse, and will never improve public safety.

What did the President Do?

A few days before the riot, President Donald Trump announced that federal officers would be augmented to resolve crime in various parts of America. The effort was labeled: “Operation Legend.” The name honors LeGend Taliferro, a four-year-old boy who was shot and killed in his sleep. LeGend was from Kansas City, and he passed away on the 29th of June.

At the onset, Trump announced that federal officers would be sent only to Albuquerque and Chicago. However, on Wednesday, the Department of Justice clarified that the officers would also reinforce Milwaukee, Detroit, and Cleveland.

Nearly 55% of the US voters are in favor of Operation Legend. A Rasmussen poll conducted a few days ago identified the actual numbers supporting President Trump’s decision.

Democrats criticized the operation as a trigger to invasion and occupation of cities. Speaker Nancy Pelosi dubbed the deployed federal officers to the different cities as “stormtroopers.”

Is help needed?

Despite criticisms from the mayor, Seattle badly needs help in securing its people. The federal officers are skilled and trained to combat Antifa rioters who pose severe damages and risks. During the Wednesday Press Conference, Durkan and Police Chief Carmen described how critical and dangerous the riots are.

Details of the Riot

Police officials spotted a van that followed a group of Antifa rioters. The van stopped at the Police Department East Precinct, and explosions started outside the precinct at about the same time.

A witness revealed that various explosives and baseball bats were seen inside the van earlier. The police officers impounded the van through a search warrant and discovered pepper sprays, gas masks, and several deadly weapons.