They Are Waking The Sleeping Giant

They Are Waking The Sleeping Giant
Image Screenshot From Drew Hernandez Twitter Post Below.

The recent weeks have seen dramatic developments in the United States, even though the country still suffers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The incident involving George Floyd had compelled people to hit the streets and carry out ‘peaceful protests.’

Antifa & Black Lives Matter engaged in something worse the country had never before seen. The protests led to violent riots occurring in different parts of the country.

Portland City, Oregon, continually witness anarchy for straight 86 days now. Residents have been enduring chaos for almost three months, and there seems to be no respite.

The Left, famous for inciting violence, is nothing new. The tolerant-loving Left is quick enough to adopt violent methods during protests and even uses bricks to smash faces. The Left very well understands that the best way to combat racism in the United States is to adopt brazen racism. They have managed to create the Burning Man, an effigy of racist, homophobe, sexist & Islamaphobe Trump, which cannot be expected even from L. Frank Baum.

If you don’t realize that the riots are becoming dangerous & lawless, then you are probably hidden from the truth. The rioters use frozen water bottles, rocks, Molotov cocktails, bricks, varieties of weapons & improvised explosive devices to attack the police every day.

The ‘peaceful protesters’ can be found wearing military-style riot gear & body armor. Their attacks are more directed towards those who do not agree with their opinion or displease them. Even pedestrians & vehicles & others are not spared.

Keese Love, a young lady, had kicked an unconscious man on his head in a recent incident. His only offense was trying to counter the angry mob, who were targeting a transgender woman.

Buildings are also set on fire. Some parts of the cities are occupied as ‘Autonomous Zones, ’ not allowing the police to enter. Even looting has become common and on a mass-scale. The leftist mayors & governors seem to have tied the police forces’ arms, allowing rioters to carry out looting & rioting everywhere.

We are currently witnessing something new taking place across the country. Also, we finally noticed a pushback by John Q. Public. We only may expect such things to gradually increase in the coming weeks and months.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa ‘woke’ forces consist of spoiled, overeducated, under-parented, pampered, and overindulged children who are instead experiencing a rude awakening. The said group seems to be waking the ‘sleeping giant’ who are the country’s family-focused, hard-working & law-abiding citizens.

Several clashes have taken place in the streets between regular people and Antifa in their respective neighborhoods. With the Democrat politicians maintaining distance from the incidents, the Antifa only seem encouraged to carry out such acts.

Citizens of the Left Coast cities are not in a position to protect their property and families. But those outside the city limits and possessing their second Amendment rights have taken up a strong stand against lawlessness.

Several neighborhoods and towns have ejected out the Antifa quite swiftly and promptly. On realizing their evil motives, the citizens in these places have taken a robust stand. These people have families, jobs, responsibilities & even faith in God and love for their country. They seem to be disinterested in overall nonsense & violence. They do not want to be called racists just because they are living peacefully along with white-skin people. They are aware of the double-standard legal system supporting thousands of ‘wokees’ carrying out riots & arresting hair-salon and gym owners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two serious shootings also took place in Wisconsin and Kenosha. It seems that people are trying to defend their businesses and their families from the dangerous BLM mob. Armed men can be seen on rooftops protecting their businesses and years of hard work. They do not want Kenosha to be converted into another Portland by some petulant children throwing tantrums.

With the election day fast approaching, violence throughout the country will only increase. The past elections have witnessed New Black Panthers outside polling booths with trademark Angry Glare and nightsticks, ignored by the law enforcement officials.

BLM and Antifa do not care about the law, which only resorts to violence. Patience is wearing thin! The Sleeping Giant is likely to wake up soon. So beware BLM & Antifa. You may not like its response.