These Three Factors are Leading to Massively Inflated COVID Death Counts

COVID-19 fatalities are increasing daily. However, the data’s integrity has become superficial.

At the start of the pandemic, the governments around the world were careful with the figures. The health officials have remained tight lipped, or worried about the actual numbers. This is one reason why the “actual count” of deaths caused due to COVID-19 has remained inaccurate. There is no transparency on the actual count from the government.

Several claims that the news is meant to cause harm to the administration of President Donald Trump. Regardless of the news reports or the reasons behind every story – there is a marginal difference between the actual death toll and the official figures due to COVID-19.

A report from Michael Thau 

Michael Thau, known for his ability to analyze data and come up with real-time statistics, wrote a stunning piece for the Red State. During these tough days, Thau has spent his time understanding the process of COVID-19 in different parts of the country. Also, he has tried to analyze the existing data reports. These reports on the coronavirus are his prime areas of focus. Consequently, Thau recently released a statement where he speaks about the three reasons for inaccuracy in death toll numbers. 

Apart from identifying the root cause, Thau also developed insights into the details to be done against the current situation. 

Factor #1

According to Thau’s report, individuals who test positive for COVID-19 and eventually pass away are recorded in the list of “coronavirus deaths.’ This was the definition shared by Dr. Deborah Brix last April. 

Dr. Brix is a crucial player in President Trump’s task force against coronavirus.

Dr. Brix gave a clear statement. She quoted that people who die of heart attacks in different parts of the world are categorized and counted under “heart attack deaths.” The rule holds for all types of health issues and to COVID-19 as well. 

Factor #2

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advised doctors to issue certificates to patients stating COVID-19 as the reason for their passing even if the actual cause of death is uncertain.

COVID-19 is always assumed to have contributed to the deaths of the patients during the pandemic.

Factor #3

Finally, patients are included in COVID-19 deaths due to financial returns. When a patient is hospitalized because of coronavirus, there are financial incentives given to the institution and the family concerned. When uninsured patients are treated, the hospital is supported by reimbursements. In fact, Medicare tends to pay more if the “COVID-19” checkbox is selected. 

This factor is highly a reason to mark COVID-19 behind the patient’s death. With increasing patients getting admitted for COVID-19, the hospitals also receive substantial incentives. 

The Ultimate Verdict 

These three factors are the reasons why the death toll caused by COVID-19 has increased drastically. This report implies inaccuracy on the reported numbers and only makes the Democrats expand their political scheme.