There’s a New Socialism in Town: Identity Socialism? What is It?

Dinesh D’Souza – Modern socialism is a hybrid between economic socialism and identity politics. The roots of this identity socialism can be traced to one man: Herbert Marcuse.

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The voting age must be raised to 40, because too many people who are below thus age are fools.

America is running parallel to the Roman Empire when it collapsed. The similarities between the Roman Empire and America are unbelievable. Anyone who’s seriously studied the rise and fall of Empires knows what is coming to America.


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Craig Murphy

The voting age should be 30 for college graduates, 21 for everyone else and 18 for the military.

Peter Lewis

Remember how, in college, there were always those kids who never studied but only went to college to party, party, party?? That was because mommy and daddy made sure that there was a top flight job waiting for them. Daddy owned the company and junior was going to get an executive job that many others were fighting hard to get. This moron sounds like one of those spoiled brat nincompoops. There is a giant disconnect between his brain and his mouth. If the voting age is raised to 40, why would anyone want to join the military to fight for our country if they couldn’t even vote? Maybe Mr. D’Souza should have served in a military unit before opening his mouth. I remember being told I couldn’t drink but I could sure as hell stop a bullet. I got drafted and found out that marijuana was cheaper and more available than booze. Plus it didn’t give you a bad hangover.