There Will Be Charges Coming if You Don’t Comply!!!

There Will Be Charges Coming if You Don't Comply!!!
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Charlie Kirk
– Restaurant Owner Tells Covid Mandate Enforcers to Shove it

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God Bless this Restaurant Owner! Stand up to these FOOL’S, She is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!! I hope her business thrives beyond her wildest dreams!!

100% this woman ROCKS! This is how you stand up to tyrants. Kudos to her for knowing the law and calling BS


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They probably aren’t smart enough to know what brown shirt even means

They also need to know that people enforcing the rules in Nazi Germany are hung during Nuremberg trials. Do they think they will get off any easier? These people need to be informed about the Nuremberg Code and that we will testify against them in their trials. That there will be a Many gallows set up for them. They need to know they are concerning themselves to death or minimum prison

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Jo Lilley

I’m sure her business would be full to capacity if people knew where her restaurant is.

William Simpson

The WAY it should be done.