The WOKE NFL Seals Its Own Coffin with this Policy Change…

The WOKE NFL Seals Its Own Coffin with this Policy Change...
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The Next News Network – Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, The National Football League (NFL) will be playing the “Black National Anthem” as “a prominent part of all big league events,” including the Super Bowl, NFL Playoffs, NFL Draft, and NFL Kickoff game, according to a new report.

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100% criminals gets arrested or murder gets their own reward , but veterans and police are now dishonored for their actual bravery . Disgusting.

Soooo..if there’s a “black” there going to be Anthems for other ethnic groups? As a American I thought that we all flew under the same Anthem and flag? This is America right? Just saying

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Gen Patton

Boycott the NFL———-the gutless commissioner is a total loser


I left the NFL since the first kneeling episode and will not be going back My hope is that the right thinkng players kneel for the black anthem. I Hope College football does not go the same way.

Gypsy Rose

I amazed that the NFL is still around. They are screwing up big time. The national Anthem for the United States is The Star Spangled Banner. You want to play another song…. Start a new league!

Buddy H.

I don’t watch sports so no loss. Football is mostly black guys chasing a ball back and forth down a field so it’s up to their fans. Personally I heard the black national anthem and it reminds me of the song “the greatest love of all.”

Roy E. Gillis

Ok so now, the NFL needs to play the Asian, German, Polish, Spanish, Nigerian, etc, etc, Anthems or these minorities may feel slighted. When will this “Woke” nonsense STOP? This is America.