The White House Releases a Statement to Celebrate Killing Babies…

The White House Releases a Statement to Celebrate Killing Babies...
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Days after installing in the White House, President Biden and Vice President Harris released a statement celebrating the murder of babies through abortion, in honor of Roe v. Wade’s 48th anniversary on Friday.

The Democrat politicians have sworn to remain “deeply committed” in ensuring access to “reproductive healthcare” abortions. They also celebrated Roe v. Wade as a “foundational precedent” in their killing of babies.

“The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to codifying Roe v. Wade and appointing judges that respect foundational precedents like Roe,” read the statement.

The statement earned disgusts and protests from several pro-life groups, with the leaders condemning its flaws and deceptive language.

March For Life President Jeanne F. Mancini tweeted, “Abortion isn’t healthcare. It is heartbreaking but not surprising that on the day we commemorate the loss of 60+ million Americans to abortion, the new administration is already aggressively leaning into abortion extremism.” 

“Doing so brings more divisiveness at a time when our country needs unity and healing,” she added. also noted that Biden’s intentions of being “deeply committed” to the intentional destruction of innocent life show. The organization argued that the move represents a major rupture with the Church even after Biden’s press secretary painted him a “devout.”

It further said that Biden’s open endorsement of abortion vindicated U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s head, Archbishop Jose Gomez, who warned that the new president “pledged to pursue certain policies that would advance moral evils and threaten human life and dignity.”

Susan B. Anthony List, another Pro-life networking organization, denounced the Biden-Harris statement. They pointed out that the tandem’s “commitment” to Roe v. Wade allows late-term abortions.

“President Biden & VP Harris just released a statement on the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, absurdly calling it ‘foundational.’ Wrong. What is truly foundational is the right to LIFE of every American, as stated in the Declaration of Independence,” wrote the organization on Twitter. 

They argued that Biden-Harris’s statement commits to codifying the dated & unscientific 1973 Roe ruling, making it permanent. As a result, federal law would permit abortion on demand regardless of reason throughout the pregnancy. 

The current administration seems to be racing through time undoing Trump’s pro-life policies. The administration seeks to reverse Mexico City’s policy of banning US foreign aid from being given to organizations that perform abortions. 

Biden-Harris leadership also plans to reinstate federal funding to the UN Population Fund, which provides information on obtaining an abortion to women and young girls worldwide. They also seek to review the Hyde Amendment’s provision, which prevents taxpayers’ money from funding abortions except if the mother was raped, her life was in danger, or was impregnated thru incest. 

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They don’t think they will have to answer for this but they will.

Penny Kloepper

They have just condemned us to God. I will pray for the Democrats, but, am very glad I will be gone before all that happens.


You are so right. Contrary to what liberals would like us to believe, this country was formed on Christian values and if we abandon them, which we have been doing in recent decades, certainly since roe vs wade – God will not show us favor.


I take offense at the term Pro Choice. It is a politically correct term intended to clean up what it really is. If Pro Life is choosing to allow babies to survive then the opposite of that should be referred to as Anti-Life not Pro Choice.

Michael Morgan

What’s next? National Abortion Day?…or month. ” Dese here guy gotta get rid all dem bla n brow babies! ;; KKK all over again. But then the Demoncrats have been at the forefront of genocide and racist murder.

George Yasenchock

I can’t believe this is happening, but this is the way Karl Marks stated in the USSR


Biden will probably make it a national Holiday.

Fred LeMaster

Democrats and their kind, if they are Christians, in which Catholics are supposed to be Christians, but yet, they love spilling newborn babies blood, just become Rich, this truly means that they do Not in The only one God Almighty and his Son Jesus Christ, then they are NOT Christians at all!

Jenny Mills

When Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, only four people made it out the gate.

George Yasenchock

We are getting close to the end


They better do their celebrating now because before long they will stand before God and he will tell them they should have read the Bible where he warned anyone that harmed his children would have been better off if they had never been born.It is not just going to be the woman but the doctors that does the murder and everyone that took part. So enjoy your celebration of murdering the helpless babies.


Every day, when I pray the Rosary, I pray for these folks that somehow think they won’t have to stand at the Judgment Seat of God and answer for their actions and listen to the millions of little souls crying out for vengeance. So, so, sad; and especially from a baptized Catholic.

Tom Soriano

I have been thinking that we’re headed for a 2nd Civil War but, it might just turn out to be another “HOLY WAR”! No matter what it’s called a war is coming (it’s probably already upon US) and Americans will have to rise up against this corrupt and treasonous movement that’s hell bent on destroying our Republic!


Pray for this nation. Whoever’s running this show is in a hurry to destroy us. The Legislative Branch better start doing the job they were sent to do.


Black Babies Matter.