The View Blasts Melania Trump’s New Project

The View Blasts Melania Trump's New Project
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The Next News Network – John Hanson from The Political Insider reports, On Wednesday, ‘The View’s’ Sunny Hostin claimed that the items former first lady Melania Trump would be selling in a recently announced auction would be “basement, tacky-type stuff.”

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I love Melania Trump, she is so beautiful geniune and kind. These people on the view aren’t even human. Their hate is unfounded and unjust. She is not tacky. They are the epitome of tacky!

She makes herself sound so jealous of the most beautiful and elegant First Lady in our history.

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Old wolf

Lol first look who your talking about , the fattest , ugliest losers on TV . Tgeircso bad at thinking anything through they even think Biden is doing a great job . So yes they will be bitter because Mrs Trump is everything their not or hope to be . They can’t handle looking at their betters in life so they have to try to bring them down to their level . Mrs Trump isn’t having any of that tho . She’s way to classy to drop down to their level . And I think that piss’s thrm off more . They would be best to stick with Mr Trump cause Mrs Trump is way out if their league .