The Unbelievable Nature of What Happened to this Michigan Restaurant Owner

The Unbelievable Nature of What Happened to this Michigan Restaurant Owner

The Next News Network – Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, A pizza business owner was released from jail after paying a $15,000 fine and closing her restaurant. What happened to the freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

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When are we the people going to run these anti-Americans out from their positions

Jailing Americans while releasing illegals to do whatever they want

This is what a dictatorship look like, getting jailed for only operating your business

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It’s time to take the city or state to court. Enough!!!


Douche bag nazi gestapo democrats…..
Wake up people…..
We have been and are at war insane Biden/nazi democrats………
Hemorrhoid Biden doing everything he can to destroy America…..
Purging the pentagon, military, federal jobs of solid , hard working, patriots….
Only a democrat terrorist group would allow blm and antifa another racist terrorist group to harm and kill American city’s.
Biden is buying black votes with free free promises, much like Hitler…..
He is blaming whites, like Hitler did Jews.
Allowing illegals and kids to walk across border like an insane mad man.
While arresting citizens for no mask and wanting to earn money.
Biden is dictator from hell……
Worthless pile of shit……..
Spending money we don’t have on democrat shithles that the nazi dems destroyed 50 years ago……

Welcome to Biden concentration camps
Sig hiel


Just what country do we live in now? i thought it was the land of the free and the home of the brave? Just what gives these clowns the right to stifle our God given civil rights? Sue them and seize all their assets as future settlements. that way you lock up all their monies and force them to settle with you.

Major B

What the Dems did exposes who they really are.


The dems have turned the pandemic into government control