The Top Ten Epic Moments During the House Judiciary Committee Hearing With AG Barr

The Top Ten Epic Moments During the House Judiciary Committee Hearing With AG Barr
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On the 28th of July, 2020 Attorney General William Barr outmatched the House Judiciary Committee of the Democrats. During the meeting, Barr was bombarded with multiple allegations. They loaded him with a dozen questions but didn’t allow Barr to speak. Here are the top ten moments in the said occasion.

10. The Class Act

This was discussed towards the end. Barr wanted a short, five-minute break but was not willing to ask in a standard manner. As a result, Nadler refused his request. Barr’s response to Nadler’s denial was simple striking saying, “You are a real class act.”

9. Who Knew?

A series of queries were asked by Mary Gay Scanlon, a Republican from Pennsylvania. Most of her questions were beyond absurd. She even asked if Barr was a Republican or not. During Mary’s puzzling questions, the press was asked to stop, to which Barr gave a stunning response, ”Are you surprised I am a Republican?”

8. Calling the Democrats

During the meeting, the Democrats lined with the false characterization of looting and riots of the media. They considered these events as “peaceful” movements. However, it was a short period before Barr decided to call the Democrats out. He clearly quoted that the Democrats are not stepping out and condemning the actual mob.

7. Jim Jordan

When Jim Jordan chose to play the “peaceful protests” video, Jerry Nadler was certainly not pleased. The video was all about looting, rioting, mayhem, and murder. How can media, or anyone stand in front of something burning and identify it as peaceful? This is not how the world was programmed to function. Unfortunately, we are in 2020, and this is how the world works.

6. Truth

Barr was in the meeting to give answers to a set of questions. However, the Democrats knew that Barr must not answer. There was a point when Nadler revealed that Barr’s responses to the questions were completely absurd and irrelevant. When it comes to the Democrat’s point of view, Barr didn’t have to be present at the occasion.

5. Why is he not speaking?

Well, it would be more like, “Why was Barr not allowed to speak?” Throughout the conference, Jim Jordan received multiple praises. He was focusing on the Democrat’s refusal and not letting Barr answer even a single question. He repeatedly asked Republican Nadler on why Barr is not allowed to answer. This happened several times during the meeting.

4. I am going to answer!

In response to Item 5, Barr did want to answer the questions! Even though Barr was prevented from responding for several queries, he was able to say what he had in mind. He took the right moment to tell Republican Joe Neguse, what had to be told! Barr said, “………. I am gonna answer the ………. Question.”

3. Coffee

The meeting was intense and in no favor of Barr. But the entire event reached a whole new level when Barr gave a response to Republican Madeline (Dean of Pennsylvania). The look on his face, as he was about to drink a sip of coffee was remarkable. Most of the people could watch it, time after time.

2. The Federal Court

This could be one of the most stellar moments of the meeting. The Democrats argued on why the Federal Government is not allowed to protect properties and buildings that belonged to the Federal. The argument was destroyed within few seconds by Barr. He simply asked, “Since when was it okay to try to burn down a federal court?” The response was stunning, and it couldn’t have gone any better.

#1 The Hearing!

Both the Democrats and Barr knew that he was not allowed to speak most of the time. Also, most of what Barr has said was not heard. This is why Barr concluded, “But this is a hearing. I thought I was the one who was supposed to be heard.”


The entire idea of having a hearing was meant to allow Barr to speak which could have been one of the most interesting aspects of the evening. However, this was not fully exercised during the hearing with the House Judiciary Committee.