The Smoking Gun Against Nacy Pelosi for Jan 6th

The Smoking Gun Against Nacy Pelosi for Jan 6th
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Sean Hannity – Hannity: Pelosi Refused National Guard Deployment on Jan 6th Because She Wanted a ‘Predetermined Outcome’

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because Nancy is behind that and stealing the election.

Why is she not on trial?


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Anyone that doesn’t see that this whole commission is just another Shame ( Like the 2 Impeachments ) they have to be blind. Pelosi and the Democratic Party are ashamed of the egg on their faces for 2016, how could a Billionaire Land Developer with no Political background dare beat their Golden Girl? She was supposed to be Obama’s 3rd and 4th term allowing who they work for ( George Soros ) to finish taking over the country, and bring it into his ” New World Order” Trump has to be punished and banned for ever having a chance to do it again, even if they have to make up more false charges and rig every Election


PIGLOSI ! Will have her day in Court and the World as We know it will come Tumbling down on PIGLOSI’S SHOULDERS. We The People need to remind PIGLOSI that every Stone will be Overturned and she will not Scave Punishment of a long Prison Sentence.


Does anyone really believe pisslousy really had her lap top stolen on Jan. 6th. I believe if that was true it would have surfaced somewhere by now. Unfortunately she surly had it destroyed to hide the abundance of incriminating evidence

Jo Lilley

Between Pelosi and the Washington DC mayor turning down extra security, and the FBI pushing for violence, and the security that was there opening the doors and inviting people to “come on in,” why are there still people in jail? Why isn’t Pelosi and Epps included in that incarceration?