The Silent Majority is Not So Silent Anymore


Less than 72 hours away from the election that will determine our country’s future, the silent majority starts speaking up. And, it should intimidate the Democrats and their socialist agenda.

All across the nation, patriotic Americans are going out of their homes and showing their support for President Trump. 

Trump supporters even took to the streets in large numbers in a Democratic-led state — California. They risked their safety just to show their support for President Trump.

In return for their support, President Trump called out to all of his supporters in Beverly Hills and thanked them.

Sadly, the spotlight was taken away from the Trump supporters by Antifa thugs. True to what the group is known for — causing havoc wherever they’re spotted, they did just that.

Because of the Antifa attacks, the police were left with no choice but to shut down the rally. But now that they’ve decided not to stay silent, the left will no longer be able to silence the silent majority at the polls.

Although Trump supporters took to the streets of Beverly Hills, President Trump’s chance of winning the state of California is low because, despite the residents suffering under Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, the hatred for President Trump still burns hot in a lot of citizens.