The Side Of Baltimore The Media Won’t Show You

The Side Of Baltimore The Media Won't Show You

Daily Caller – Piles of trash, abandoned homes, drugs, and high crime make Baltimore one of the most dangerous cities in our country. The Daily Caller’s Caity McDuffee headed over to the streets of West Baltimore to meet up with former Maryland district 7 candidate Kim Klacik to get the answer to this question: Who broke Baltimore?

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So sorry Kim didn’t make it! She woud be a good antidote to AOC!

I’ve lived in Maryland my whole life, I hope we can truly make change in Baltimore.

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ken miller

We need people like Larry Elder, Leo Terrell, Burgess Owens, Herschell Walker etc to go to the black civic leaders, their churches and schools to talk on a weekly basis.


It might help if they told blacks to do what they told whites to do . Stop acting so black , then maybe things could slow down to the point where help could actually work for them . Instead of tagging walls and selling drugs on every corner . Pull up them pants , stop blaming whites and others for your short comings . Try learning in school or better yet go to school . Not every one is going to be a rap star or a NBA player . Stop kid’s from having kids . Or just leave the city if it’s that bad . One needs to want to make life better and do something about it , not just talk about it . No matter how hard you think you have it … there’s always someone out there worse off then you . I had to do what I just said to make my life better . If I can … anyone can . Only quitters quit in life . Befor tell others what they need to do make sure you better ones self first