The Second American Civil War Has Begun

The Second American Civil War Has Begun
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America might confront a second civil war as an Antifa supporter suggested it was just “right around the corner.”

John Podesta, the former chairman of Hilary Clinton campaigns, hinted that Joe Biden would not concede a loss in the election and would pull strings to prevent Donald Trump’s inauguration. Biden and his team most likely would pressure their Western allies to secede if Trump gets back in the office. Such a scenario would lead to unrest and another civil war.

However, history shows that the second Civil War might have already begun as the Americans still keep fighting each other since the first Civil War started in the 1850s.

The uncanny resemblance between the Civil War and the current unrest

Ibram X. Kendi, an anti-racism author of The Atlantic, published in the September 2020 edition the similarities between Trump’s presidential era and the 1850s. Prelude to the Civil War, the said decade was controversial in triggering outrage between the pro and anti-slavery.

Kendi emphasized the uncanny resemblance of the two. He stressed that Trump opened a can of worms proving that racism is still evident in the US. The president triggered massive protests and unrest in various states, which Kendi called “an anti-racist revolution.”

Abortion and Slavery Arguments

Right after the new US Constitution was adopted in 1789, an updated bill version called The Northwest Ordinance was passed two years earlier under the Articles of Confederation. The updated law aimed to limit and restrain slavery, as the Founders recognized it cannot be entirely wiped out just yet. Northern territories, now Wisconsin, Ilinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, are forbidden by the Northwest Ordinance to practice slavery.

New states from the West joined the union in its fight against the evil act. The 1820 Missouri Compromise even drew a line and prohibited the spread of slavery north of the line.

Kendi noted that in the 1850s, the slaveholders from the South extended their influence into the North. The slaveholders supported by powerful federals captured runaways and free Blacks. Victims of slavery, such as Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth, and even journalists such as William Lloyd Garrison, recalled and related their experience under the cruel and inhumane treatment of slavery.

It can be noted that the majority of former presidents hailed from the South, prior to the presidential office of Lincoln. As such, the Congress consisted mostly from the South.

The Democrats, infamous for supporting slavery, rallied for “popular sovereignty” on every new state located north of the Missouri Compromise line. Abraham Lincoln rose to fame in fighting against the Democrat notion of voting a new state as either free or slave by the white landowners. Lincoln embattled the Democrats in freeing each of the states under his governance.

However, in 1857, the Dredd Scott decision was issued by the Supreme Court. The decision openly stated that Blacks “had no right” that the Americans are “bound to respect.”

In contrast to common knowledge, Lincoln actually pushed to limit slavery, and not totally eradicate it. He envisioned the same compromise drawn by the Founders by allowing the evil acts to exist yet limit it until extinguished.

Lincoln fought the South, which was abusing its power in radically supporting slavery. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation as a way to preserve the Union and the Constitution.

History of the Civil War sets the riots’ context

Ibram X. Kendi logically compared the civil war history to the unrest and riots dominantly existing in most states’ streets.

President Donald Trump can be likened to Lincoln, who only wanted to go back to the original agreement: the Constitution. He has been nominating justices and judges without personal agenda, but would instead preserve the Constitution.

The president has been cutting regulations and taxes to free the economy and fighting Marxist critical theory in schools and universities.

On the other hand, the lefts defend abortion in the same manner that the South supported slavery. They portray it as a necessary evil.

Even the LGBT group silences dissent on their movement from same-sex marriage expanding to transgender identity. Pro-LGBT famous figures such as JK Rowling, etc. who have expressed contrary to the campaign have not been spared.

Democrats cannot get over the fact that their power has been extinguished since Trump came into office. President Trump has been called Fascist, Nazi, and Hitler by the left. He has since been restricting their stronghold and curbing their toxic ideas, fueling and provoking the Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, Kenosha, Seattle, Chicago, and other states.

Several Black leaders have criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, with over a hundred Black pastors urging Nike to detach from it.

Nearly a decade before the Civil War, Americans assaulted each other’s differing principles on pro and anti-slavery. Early Americans witnessed a “Bleeding Kansas,” which later became a gruesome image of pre-Civil War.

What is disturbing is its similarity in the massive unrest in Kenosha and Portland. The said states could be the new generation’s “Bleeding Kansas,” a terrifying kick-off of a war awaiting just around the corner.