The Rioters Win In Chicago

The Rioters Win In Chicago
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Have you ever wondered when the country’s major Democrat-run cities began turning into safe-shelters for the vicious BLM mobs and anarchists? For one, Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor of Chicago, has taken the responsibility of safeguarding the BLM rioters from law enforcement in the city.

Chicago recently surrendered to BLM rioters a week after the looting thugs engaged in an organized robbery of businesses along the Magnificent Mile.

Instead of establishing robust security by enhancing police presence or calling on the National Guard troops, Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered the Chicago business district to close.

Zero Hedge reported that the mayor is very much desperate about making the world believe that her city is at the right hand and entirely under control. She doesn’t need any assistance from the Federal government, especially from President Donald Trump.

No matter how much she tries to hide and portray a different picture to the media, the looting, riots, and crimes in Chicago continue to ruin and show the real condition of the city.

The city officials have decided to close its Central Business District overnight, starting at 9 PM. According to the report of CBS Chicago, the initial decision came following the latest looting and unrest in the downtown area on the Magnificent Mile along with other regions like Streeterville, River North, and the areas near North and Sheffield avenues.

The orders also include the decision to raise all the river bridges, shutting down the Chicago Transit Authority rail service in some parts of the city, making Divvy bikes unavailable throughout.

The police operations only include posts at the Business District’s checkpoint, where police officers require ID cards from the residents as proof of work at any of the stores or offices in the Business District.

Last week, mayor Lightfoot blasted a news reporter for just repeating what Police Chief stated some moments before. According to Police Chief David Brown, the looters are getting encouragement to act like this only because of the administration’s lack of vital response to ongoing rioting and looting in the city.

The looters, rioters, and the thieves are mainly getting their mental boost for committing such crimes by having no consequence in a criminal system. For them, Chicago is like heaven without any law and justice system. They get released very quickly, and several charges get easily dropped. Obviously, they feel encouraged to keep doing such crimes and offenses.

Once the stage of prosecution and sentencing comes up, there’s no legal action against the crimes. According to Police Chief Brown, it is vital to have a proper criminal justice system in the city where we can deliver a strong message to the criminals that there will be consequences for their actions.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot needs to realize one crucial thing that businesses are her bread and butter, so the decision to close down the Business District in the city is definitely not wise.

If the mayor loses the support of the city’s top business leaders, she won’t be able to hold the mayor’s chair for longer. The reality is that the business leaders keep losing millions of dollars because of these thugs and looters who never pay the right price.