The Ridiculous Reaction When Chuck Schumer Sneezes…

The Ridiculous Reaction When Chuck Schumer Sneezes...
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Charlie Kirk – Schumer Sneezes and the Ensuing Reaction is Ridiculous

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These people are mental cases.

Should have whisked him away and quarantined him permanently

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We knew all a long he is one pathetic,sick,lying,hypocrite. Give us some more excuses, lying,chuck the smuck schumer, u joker.

R p

Schusmuck , Charles Probably hasn’t gotten his COVID-19 shot Yet. Like 85 % in the House or the Senate haven’t gotten them Yet.


Such a fake piece of —- insert ANY four letter word, they all work to describe this vile human being! Sneeze away and off camera forget the mask, go shake hands with the rest of the sheep of idiots believing this mask bull sh%t while you spread your putrid germs all over them.. There will be quite a celebration here on earth, when you are finally sent to your firey resting place!!


How come they don’t get Covid? I wish it all on them!


Dick Durbin what a coward…..


The entire biden swamp is pathetic ,sick, lying, hypocrites!

Stacy Dougherty

EWWW… they lecture us “that if you have to sneeze do it in your elbow” gross Chucky boy!


Schumer is the kind of person I’d shake hands with after taking a crap and not bother washing first.

Clara Nussbaum

Anyone else notice Schumer didn’t wipe his hands with sanitizer after sneezing into them???