The Plan to Get Rid of Trump Without the Election

The Plan to Get Rid of Trump Without the Election
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At the end of June, a good number of military officials and leaders from the former government gathered together. The meeting featured many academics as well. This time, everyone was disturbed by a common thought. They wanted to know where the American democracy was heading. They were also concerned about the November elections, and about what could happen before then. This meeting was not limited to the Democrats. As it concerns the future of the nation, both Republicans and Democrats gathered together. All of them were trying to figure out how the elections would turn out.

Some of the leaders were curious to know what would happen if President Donald Trump doesn’t concede even with a major loss. What if he follows his words, and refuses to leave the office? Will he go the extra mile just to keep his power? Will the Americans vote for Donald Trump and improve his chances of staying in the office? How will the situation turn out, if the Democrats also choose to keep their powers, and not give in? These are some of the most prominent questions that are bothering both leaders and commoners in the country.

Rosa Brooks, a Law professor from Georgetown, revealed that all our present actions have either resulted in either a political impasse or street violence. Rosa Brooks plays an important role as an official in the Defense Department. She has organized the famous “Transition Integrity Project”. This project revealed many interesting facts about the government. For instance, it figured out that the law is extremely helpless when the president chooses to ignore it willingly. Even if the law is efficient and worded with high quality it will be of no use if the President decides not to follow it.

The group predicted eleven dark weeks. These would be the weeks between the Inauguration Day and the actual Election Day. These will be moments when the Republicans and President Trump use the office along with their allies. This includes everyone, ranging from federal agents to lawmakers from each state, to the postal service, military, and the Justice Department. Every field could be exploited just for President Trump to retain his power. In fact, there is a possibility that the Democrats would choose to go into the streets, in an attempt to stop the President and his followers. The group engaged in a role-playing game, which helped them understand how each party would react to the situation.

Does it Really Sound Paranoid?

Well, the answer to this is a big Yes! Most of the leaders want to throw President Trump out of the office even before the elections. The entire idea of role-playing to understand what would happen during the 11 weeks is absolutely outlandish, and it seems paranoid for the members gathered. The entire act seemed like a game of Dungeons and Dragons being played at the White House. However, with the big day coming closer, everything could be taken as a warning. It is important for them to understand how the entire situation would turn out. After all, anything that happens outside what was planned will become a serious problem.

Unlike many other elections, the one to be contested this November will be a close one. There are very few guardrails that can be used to stop any form of constitutional crisis. If President Trump decides to flex and make use of the tools at his disposal, for his advantage — it will become even tougher.

Nils Gilman, a famous historian, said that President Trump doesn’t have to win the upcoming election. Gilman heads a “Think Tank” at the “Berggruen Institute”. He is the primary organizer of the team. In order to stir trouble, Trump only has to say a few simple words. For instance, Trump quoting that he didn’t lose the November elections, will be sufficient.

Fear in Washington Politics

The need for such a group to gather and evaluate the upcoming election proves the fearful state of Washington Politics. Rachel Kleinfield, a member of the Democracy Conflict and Governance Program at the Carnegie Foundation, said that the country is ruled by “transitions and not laws”. Even though Kleinfield is not a member of the group, she believes that the election season is a time of worries and surprises.