The One Problem with Don Lemon’s Attack on the Unvaxxed…

The One Problem with Don Lemon's Attack on the Unvaxxed...
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– Leah Barkoukis from Townhall reports, It’s not just Joe Biden whose patience with the unvaccinated is “wearing thin.” CNN’s Don Lemon was very blunt on Wednesday about the way he wants people to start treating the vaccine hesitant.

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Leaving people behind seems like a trend with these people. Afghanistan anyone?

The difference about this vaccine is that it’s not a vaccine.

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Gotta love it. IF you doubt the safety of the vaccines, you are “NOT following the science”. Per the FDA (in its limited certification of ONE iteration of the Pfizer vaccine): “…18,000 have died (from the vaccine’s side effects), more than all other vaccines since 1990 combined”. THAT’S in the FDA’s own certification. It was the FDA’s (very limited) certification of that killer vaccine which caused BOTH the Director AND Deputy Director of the FDA’s Vaccine Assessment and Evaluation Group to resign in protest. Guess they don’t wanna follow the science either… And, of course, the FDA, despite that, still won’t certify the primary Pfizer vaccine, won’t certify the Moderna one, the Johnson and Johnson one, the Astra-Zeneca one… AND just today, definitively refused to certify booster shots for ANY of them, including the one version that they’d just certified. Oh, and the certification was for ages 16 and up. It was specifically NOT for 12-15 absent compelling circumstances and close medical scrutiny and absolutely NOT for kids under 12 and yet, within days of that ruling from the FDA, Joe Biden was announcing his intention to impose vaccine mandates requiring everyone over the age of 2 (not “12” – “2”!) to get vaccinated – but I’m the one “not following the science”? Good grief.


Just came from CDC website to check the total number of deaths reported as the cause being from taking the vaccine. This number includes all three vaccine here in the states. From Dec. 14 2020 to Sept. 20th 2021 the total deaths from the vaccine is 7899. (Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety Nine) This is out of 367 million shots given in the U S. That’s 1 death out of every (four million six hundred twenty four) people that has took the vaccine. That’s why they call it very rare chance of you dying. Now if you feel that’s a high number for some reason just look no further than the opioid crises that has killed millions in the last few years a lone. FDA approved all them opioids for the public.


I thought he was gay not stupid , but I was wrong . Why would you want to Vax people with a vaccine that doesn’t work , while their letting millions in our country and not checking a one for the China virus . He can’t be that stupid to think letting millions of unchecked illegals in the county will help fix the China virus . Or is he ??? I know he gets payed to act like he belives everything the delusional democrats say but still … Doesn’t he have any integrity left that he sells his soul for the lies he saids . But then i guess he doesnt really care , Look at the life style he lives . Makes Its easy to sell out like he does . That is the shame of the delusional democrats , no honor or integrity left in any of them . And they still cry for us to belive them . Go figure

Dan Danser

The lies about the virus and vaccine are coming from Wuhan Fauci, the Xiden administration, etc.