The One BIG Problem with BLM’s New List of Demands…

The One BIG Problem with BLM's New List of Demands…

Black Lives Matter has recently released a new list of “demands” — seven in total.

The first demand is to have former President Trump “immediately convicted in the United States Senate.” Apparently not satisfied with that, BLM also demands that Trump be “banned from holding elected office in the future.”

Secondly, BLM claims that more than half of the Republican representatives and senators “stoked Trump’s conspiracy theories and encouraged the white supremacists to take action to overturn the election.” Thus, they should be expelled from Congress for their “dangerous and traitorous actions,” and they should also be barred from “seeking another office.”

Third on their list of demands is for a full investigation to be launched to figure out what ties the white supremacists have with the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military. Following up with their second demand, BLM claims that “Trump has always used his digital media platforms recklessly and irresponsibly to spread lies and disinformation.” Thus, they say he should be permanently banned because “he must be stopped from encouraging his mob and further endangering our communities, even after the inauguration.”

Fifth on the radical leftists’ list is to defund the police. This one isn’t surprising. After all, they’ve been chanting it since they began their “peaceful protests,” but why is it only fifth on their list?

The next thing on the list is that the government “should protect righteous protest and stay focused on the real issue: rooting out white supremacy.” According to the BLM thugs, “There are enough laws, resources, and intelligence, but.. they were not used.. to stop the coup. Our elected officials must uncover why.”

Lastly, BLM demands that the BREATHE Act be passed. They claim that “we cannot reform an institution built upon white supremacy” and thus need a “new, radical approach to public safety and community investment” — the BREATHE Act.

Despite the name of the group, the demands that BLM listed don’t appear to make the lives of Black Americans better. I wonder why?

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BLM by their own admission is a Marxist organization. Like all Marxist organizations they are stealing from their followers. Such as Clures, their leader, buying four multi-million dollar homes. Tell me, are these luxuries real estate investment for BLM or is their leader lining her own pockets? Why is the Democratic party so protective of BLM/Antifa? BLM/Antifa will be the designated Enforcers for the Democrats when the take over of the Republic is complete and our law enforcement is defunded,, demoralized and destroyed. they may be our border patrol also since our present border control is leaving the service by the hundreds. We , conservatives, better wake up. with no police and no border protection who is left to protect us?

Robert Richey

America is about 13% black. I would venture to guess about 0.02% of that 13% are the BLM instigators.

Last edited 6 months ago by Robert Richey
charles wilkins

Biden’s BS infrastructure agenda,10% for repair, rebuilt, new construction, 90% Democrat slush fund wish list, result in bankruptcy, higher taxes, destroyed American economy. Put people back to work, complete the wall, complete the keystone pipe line. Stop giving hard earned tax payor monies away to Iran, China, Hamas, and Russia. Building the school teachers union, college, university slush funds, not fooling any of the the American Public. China joe, Sleepy joe, Lying joe, Basement joe, Creepy joe. the names go on forever, but he is really Chicken shit joe, keep that fence up in DC joe, but don’t protect our Southern Border. “Did not take long for crazy democrats to screw up our entire economy”, now they are screwing up “international structures”. Biden lacks a sound mind to make decisions, he is about as anti American one can be, who is really calling the shots for this brain dead person? Let’s take a look at current news reporting events, Kerry “tells all” to Iran about Israel’s “secret raids” against Iran, Biden then starts payments to Palestine, giving them funds to buy rockets for Hamas from Iran using them in attacks against Israel. Biden shuts down keystone pipe line, Colonial pipe line gets shut down, guess Kerry will take solar panels down south instead of gasoline, Biden will issue electric cars for all Illegals so that they won’t be inconvenience by current events. Who is calling the shots at the white House ? Why is Biden off limits to the press questions? Why are the white house visit/ phone logs off limit to the public? Time for real change, Time for real leadership.


Democrats are supporting Marxist and that’s not fiction!! We must take back OUR country and run the Marxist out. No “Black” Americans I know support communist, CCP, nor BLM! They are mostly Christian Patriots loving this rare country!!! So go pound sand, and get out of this country, go back to China, or Cuba!!!


American citizens and patriots don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Stacy Dougherty

Until they come to the table and debate their problems they are having with the American ways their agenda is never going to be listened too. Just because you loot and burn down towns does not give you the right to demand anything. Trump was right BLM should be put on the terrorist list! period!


BLM can take all your demands and STICK EM WHERE THE SUN DOESN’T SHINE. Nothing but Brain Dead Domestic Terrorists


Who gave BLM the right to make any DEMANDS?; no Terrorist Org., even a home-grown one should their so-called demands be given any attention by our Government nor anyone else…..they are nothing more than a bunch of RIOTING, LOOTING, BURNING, DESTROYING, ASSAULTING, MURDERING CRIMINAL THUGS and should be treated as such…..Insofar as this Legal, Patriotic, America-loving, Constitution-Loving American Citizen, they can stick those demands where the sun don’t shine!

Kenneth Bottomley

I believe it’s obvious that the BLM terroirs are saying what the corrupted dem want them to say, and WHO are they to demand ANYTHING, the criminals getting sticken rick destroying property and stealing/hurting/killing, they would be in prison if PRESIDENT TRUMP was still in the W.H.


I would think that even dementia joe would understand by now that blm is nothing but a front for those who loot, burn, harm others while lining their pockets with ill gotten riches. They have fooled their followers to give them their hard earned money in the name of blm while not actually caring as long as the money keeps coming in so they can keep using the money for their own personal use. Guess they learned that from the likes of someone who owes millions in taxes yet has not paid anything but still has millions at his disposal. WAKE UP BLACK CITIZENS


F#ck BLM … more lIke … BLM = black lies matter . To the dumb ass’s that gave to them , Iam sure they Thank you for the 1.4 millon dollar new home . Their living the good life thanks to you . Welcome to the … FOOLS ARE US … club . Dumb ass’s


Once you give in to these terrorists, they will continue to demand more. Just tell them NO and to move e o down the road. If they start rioting then arrest them, throw them in jail and start letting them suffer the consequences of their actions.

Boyd B

They always had a way to hide their agenda through misled titles, headlines, etc. Truth is they are marxist, everyone knows it. This is a coup, new world order takeover. Their agenda is to wipe out 90%
Of the world including America. They are spreading fear with the covid virus, and trying to push their deadly vaccines, so the top 1% can make more and more money while the world remains idle… Eliminating the working class, creating a slave class. We all know what happens to slaves.. Im just trying to figure out what General Flynn wants us to do stand down, for the time being, or rise up… Sounds like they are working in the background depleting their power, we are having a time with the media
It is very bad propaganda, lie after lies. Can’t search through Google, I’ve been using duck duck go. God is great. Their is more of us then them. Time for prayers.


Just who do these people think they are to make any kind of demands? Communists do not make demands of the USA. We have a constitution and contrary to the democrats in power, they want it out. There are millions of veterans that have taken an oath to defend that constitution and defend they will against all enemies foreign and domestic, so help me God!