The Nashville Bombing Raises Some Interesting Questions


The recent bombing in Nashville has raised some interesting questions ever since it happened. There were many unusual things about the Nashville bombing, and one of them was that there were reportedly gunshots heard before the explosion. A recording in the RV warned people to evacuate out of the area before the RV blew up.

On top of that, Ford Fischer, who has done a lot of coverage on Antifa and Black Lives Matter, noticed something else about the bombing that was odd. Many in the media have been sharing a viral video of the explosion, taken across the street, with a warning to evacuate before the explosion took place.

According to him, Fischer noticed some interestingly odd things about the account that had posted the video.

Upon closer inspection, the account didn’t just “join this month,” it had actually joined on the day it was used to post the video.

Although Fischer was among the first to post online about the Nashville bombing any evidence that might have been helpful to the FBI, Fischer decided to delete the tweets because he didn’t “believe it makes sense especially given the news today to leave the thread up.”