The Mob Attacks Rand Paul’s Security Detail

The Mob Attacks Rand Paul's Security Detail
Image from Twitter Video Below

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul got confronted by several protesters on a Thursday night when President Donald Trump made a closing speech at the Republican National Convention at the White House.

On his way out, Rand Paul was surrounded by hoards of angry protesters for “Black Lives Matter.” Unfortunately, he was accompanied by his wife to the event. Thankfully, the D.C. police officers rescued and flanked the agitators out of the premises.

The Kentucky Senator took to Twitter on Friday morning. He tweeted, “A crowd of 100 and more furious protesters clamored and ambushed, on my way out of The White House.” He was grateful for the Washington police. “If it weren’t for the D.C. police officers, my life was pretty much in danger. Sadly, it was threatening for my wife, too.”

Videos went viral in a bat of an eyelid. One of the videos showed how a furious mob chased the Senator. The protesters carried with them signboards. It can be seen that a woman from the crowd kept screaming and howling at the Senator. She continued chanting, “Say her name” – the famous Black Lives Matter slogan, as Paul walked up to his hotel. The slogan is an acknowledgment of Taylor, knocked down and shot by the police outside her apartment in Louisville.

A scuffle also broke out even sooner. While the police officers were continually doing their best to safeguard the Senator and his wife, the massive crowd kept closing in. The officials kept warning the mob but failed.

Soon after, a protester got into a brawl with an on-duty officer carrying a bike. The situation’s precariousness certainly rattled the Kentucky Senator as he briskly walked to the hotel in haste.

Rand Paul was one of the many attendees at the White House for the Republican National Convention. He certainly did not expect to be mocked and scoffed at by a raging mob, after his exit from the premises.

The scene, however undeniably treacherous and intense, did not pose a severe risk to the senator. Several videos of the incident were posted on various social media platforms.

A video, mainly shot by a Washington Post reporter, showed that the crowd described as a massive pack of more than 100 protesters was pretty small in size.

The doubts that pop up here are – did any of the protesters came quite close or in contact with the senator or his beloved wife? There are no reports of injuries.

Another footage is also fast becoming viral. The video shows that a rioter shoved an on-duty police officer who stumbled upon Senator Rand.

Security personnel and Washington D.C. police officers escorted the couple safely to their hotel. The officers cordoned off Paul and his wife, to keep them protected from the ambush.

Rand Paul did not waste a minute to let go of this pitfall. “It was nothing short of horror for us both,” he said. On Friday, the senator made an appearance on Fox News, where he said that an up-close encounter with an enraged and angry hoard of protesters, right outside the White House, exhibits lawlessness.

“Is this what we are living for?” Lives in danger, while taking measures to cut-off the police departments. We will have to wait and see what other perils we are about to witness shortly. If Joe Biden, the current presidential nominee for the Democrats wins and earns a seat at the White House, it is for sure that no one in the US will be safe. “Can you take the reigns of a country by cutting-down police authorities?”

Kentucky Senator Paul spoke on a live show with Fox & Friends. That’s not all Rand had to say. He made a serious allegation when he stated that the demonstrators or the ‘so-called protesters’ were paid to stir-up and create chaos on Washington D.C’s streets.

Washington D.C., the country’s capital, is not spared by the anarchists. Speculations circulate on the payments being given to protesters in creating chaos.