The Military Gets Woke, and Tucker Carlson Exposes Them


No institution seems to be spared from woke-ism. The politically perceived awareness penetrated even the military. And while most of the members fulfill their duties, several leaders quickly transform the armed forces to make Robin DiAngelo proud.

In fact, the Defense Intelligence Agency head had encouraged his subordinates to read about “White Fragility.” The racist literature is an absolutely terrible piece written by the liberal, which Tucker exposed in his Fox News segment.

Last summer, we heard that the armed forces labeled “Make America Great Again” as a “white supremacist” slogan. Tucker revealed more in his show.

Who would’ve thought the army has an “Equity and Inclusion Agency” when perceived as a fighting force likely not concerned with it? We assume mission readiness would be the institution’s priority over politically motivated concerns. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

The inclusion agency apparently teaches the troops that celebrating Columbus Day and believing in “American Exceptionalism” is racist. In essence, anything that would highlight the United States as a better country and better governance compared to other nations is now considered insensitive and bigoted.

Carlson noted that months ago, a high-ranking Air Force officials stated that his “greatest fear” is if a racist cop kills one of his service members. Such proclamation is very foolish.

Racist killings by cops have been highly sensationalized, although essentially non-existent. Expect every single instance of a black man being killed by a white officer spun as a racist killing, even when the shoot outs were justified as a defense.

George Floyd’s case was another of the overemphasized “racist cop killing.” And while it lacked evidence of racism, the unfortunate killing was inflated by the media and people who stand to gain from it. Now, even the Air Force officers repeatedly ride the story.

Carlson concluded whether a nation could be protected by a military operating on such an agenda. Perhaps it could if the decline isn’t absolute and instead gradual. However, it is not an encouraging sign. It only shows how deep the left-wing philosophy penetrates the institutions.

No one remains safer from woke-ism. President Trump has tried to stop it with executive orders yet failed.

With a liberal president, expect it to turn from worse to worst.