The Lockdown Has Become A Crime

The Lockdown Has Become A Crime
The Lockdown Has Become A Crime

A column entitled ‘Worldwide Lockdown – The greatest mistake committed in history’ was published a few months ago. It claimed the lockdown as a mistake by arrogant fools. The lockdown is also referred to as a massive evil resulting from evil people.

Worldwide recorded economic failure on a catastrophic scale. People worst-hit from the lockdown are those dependent on the first-world countries for their income. To earn income, they rely upon tourism and experts from such countries, including America. The catastrophe is not the result of coronavirus, but due to hysteria and panic.

Sweden’s model of handling COVID-19 was perhaps an excellent example for others to follow. The whole time, children under-16 attended a regular school, and no lockdowns were declared. As of 15th July, not a single child between ages 1 & 19 years-old is reported to have succumbed to the virus. Moreover, the percentage of children contracting the illness in Sweden is the same as Finland, which declared lockdown.

Public Health Agency in Sweden stated that no increased risks were found for teachers compared to other professions. However, Los Angeles teachers and elsewhere refuse to enter classrooms with students. Moreover, the Los Angeles teachers’ union recently announced of not resuming classes until police are defunded.

For those defending closing schools and lockdown of states in the entire Western world, Sweden reported the 8th highest death rate/million. Only people above 70 years-old succumbed to COVID-19. Several had a low immune system and are above 80s.

Studies conducted by UNICEF reported Swedish children to be in better conditions than other countries, mainly due to their mental health and education during the pandemic.

Sweden reported no COVID-19 related deaths for over a month. No one wore a mask, and the whole society was business as usual. There is no longer coronavirus in the country.

California, United States, is perhaps governed by a fool having unlimited power and a dangerous leader. This state currently ranks 28th in deaths/million out of 50 states in the country. Livelihoods seem to be destroyed by its Governor, Gavin Newsom, as small businesses in thousands faced closure. Indoor dining has stopped in restaurants for about half-a-year. This has led to the permanent closure of around one among three restaurants.

Such destruction is also witnessed by services like nail and hair salons and retail businesses. But this human tragedy on a grand scale, ranging from increasing depression, suicides, abuse of partners and children, seems not to affect Newsom. Likewise, Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles Mayor, Los Angeles Times columnists and editors are bothered by it. They seem to favor more lockdowns as they get their salaries in full.

What is strange is people can eat in an airplane without wearing a mask within a short space, yet cannot do so in any California restaurants where there is much bigger space to accommodate diners. Just because of the orders of Newsom, Los Angeles Times and the Californians seem to support it.

California Museum Association reported daily losses of over $22 million because of state-wide quarantine. California museums reported revenue losses of over $2.9 billion as of 1st August 2020. The financial impact caused by museums on California’s economy is around $6.55 billion. It generated taxes for California State in 2017, amounting to $492 million, and federal taxes over $1 billion. It also provides 80,722 jobs.

Sweden has gotten over COVID-19. People are now leading a regular life, and nobody is getting affected. The accepted fact is that countries that have witnessed complete shutdown are likely to experience spiked rates as they open up.

The argument, in this case, is that shutting down the country was a real mistake. In response, people must be at home until there is access to a vaccine, which may take several years, and no country can afford it.

Lockdown considers as a crime. Unfortunately, several Americans seem to support it.

The country has survived the 1968-70 pandemic that took approximately 100,000 American lives as per Disease Control and Prevention Center. It is equivalent to 170,000 American death in 2020.

No one wore a mask, much less a lockdown.