The Laughing Democrat Mayor of Nashville

The Laughing Democrat Mayor of Nashville
Image Screenshot From Twitter Video Below.

It has to be difficult for anyone who has to deal with the bombing that recently occurred in Nashville. Aside from the anxiety that the possibility of another similar incident occurring brings, the fear that that single bombing instilled in the public must have been huge. After all, without the warning, anyone passing by would have been caught in the explosion.

At least one person has died from the explosion, while three appear to be hurt. No one is sure what to expect, as no one knows the reason behind the attack.

To top it all off, the bombing happened on Christmas.

Despite all of that, Democratic mayor John Cooper’s reaction after the bombing irked many. As he gave interviews after the blast, he laughed as he talked about the explosion, as if he wasn’t taking it seriously.

Some people defended Cooper, saying that he might have been nervous. However, he seemed to be downplaying the damage and the reaction to the whole incident for the entire interview.

In response to the bombing, Cooper declared a civil emergency and enacted a curfew.