The Impending Demise of Major League Baseball

The Impending Doom of Major League Baseball

Fox News – Pro baseball player Ty Hensley on MLB moving the All-Star Game and his new FOX Nation series, ‘Pitch of Faith.’

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Sad the people in charge of baseball don’t realize that we watch it to “get away”. Not anymore. BYE BYE BASEBALL.

Bingo, he hit the nail on the head. no politics in sports, period.

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Another Woke sport to turn away from. Soon there will only be Hockey, Nascar and Curling for sports night entertainment. I always preferred local teams and little leagues anyway. Major League sports have become money hungry corporations milking the fans all the way from the parking lots to the bathroom vending machines. If fans would get together and vow to all take one season off they might wake up. Not enough cash for those big salary’s might wake the players up. They should also relax Photo I.D.?

Stacy Dougherty

These Sport’s owners should stick to entertaining their paying viewers cuz they are the best support in the long haul of this woke go broke time period. How long do ya think China is going to put up with their poor business sense to cut out the viewer lost of revenue cuz just because China wants to get a “political strong hold on America” and when done and failed the MLB will no longer have that many viewers as they once did and not producing moola … China will throw them under the bus!

Roscoe Roules

Good riddance!!!


It was a boring game anyway; it will not be missed. Maybe the players can be re-trained to do coding.

John J

At least baseball still has some white players