The Huge Coverup We All Expected is Exposed…

The Huge Coverup We All Expected is Exposed…

On ABC’s The View, Meghan McCain exposed the cover-up that the liberal media continues to do for President Joe Biden.

“What I find interesting is not the stories we talk about, but the stories we don’t talk about,” McCain said. “We never talked about Hunter Biden, whereas if Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump, Jr. coughed in the wrong directions, It probably would have taken up the first two blocks.”

“So I think it’s really interesting,” she continued, before saying, “I don’t agree with the stories that Fox said. They should obviously do a correction.”

She added, “It’s interesting because my husband and I, as you know, our whole world is conservative media. He founded and ran one of the most influential conservative websites on the internet. The reason why these outlets need to exist is that everything else is liberal.”

“There’s a reason why Fox is killing it in the ratings and laps everyone else. It’s because it seems like it’s rigged every place else. You think Jim Acosta isn’t an activist?” she said, exasperated. “I don’t have any trust in people on CNN.” 

“I take such umbrage at this entire concept that liberal media, which runs all of the media, all tech, all entertainment, all music, all three branches of government — I’m supposed to feel bad because there are two things from Fox News that have been inaccurate?” she asked. “Let’s go down the list every day of the things that are inaccurate on CNN and MSNBC, and then we can talk about fairness in the media.”

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You know things are bad when a McCain slams a biased media.
Hey Megan, how is it that mom is pushing brain dead Biden?


Please unsubscribe me.

Linda B

How on earth did I even get on this mailing list? I do not support radical or extreme outlets of any kind. Moderate, common sense that doesn’t have to blast from any rooftop is where I stand.

charles wilkins

All Communist regimes try to remove God, religious authority from the populations, state wants control of everything, sound like the Democrats and Biden? The socialism agenda that is now driving our country is an attack on God, Country our unborn, and the constitution. The people leading this parade are traitors to everything our Country has stood for since inception. They are power crazed atheists who have sold their souls for money and power, Just like the thousands of dead who voted for Biden but did not, the thousands of aborted souls who wanted to be born but were not, and the thousands of seniors who were forced to die before their time are all waiting for the Biden and his chosen group of America’s haters.


WELL SAID Charles!


Darling, what do you tip the scales at today? 280+? Sure hope hubby likes a fat girl. If not you might want to check his cell phone.

IT Dgn

To eat another donut you are a sloth.


The Honorable President Donald J. Trump knows far more about the McCain clan, than the clearly unhinged, Meg McCain herself. The misguided View’s gang of ego maniac misfits’ needs to be yanked off the air. Their deplorable, crude behavior insults all Americans. They need to be censored for their disgusting, insane infusion of maniac slander. This behavior is out of control. Unwarranted and inappropriate for any type of media transmission. Enough with their verbal abuse.

How unfortunate, President Trump tells it like it is.and gets censored by the Facebook leech a.k.a.: Suckerberg.

How inappropriate no one of the leftist thugs are taken off for their out and out lies. When the left gets unhinged over their never ending Trump Derangement Syndrome, it is their fuel to fan flames of rage and hate to berate Conservative values. They can’t accept truth. They will cheat, lie, fill the media lies to attempt to counter actual truths. They deny any facts by the right as truth and as fast as they can, refer to it as everything BUT THE TRUTH.

They can’t have a discussion, can’t even be respectful of any other points brought about by the sinister Meghan McCain. She isn’t respectful and frankly has no usefulness as a “so-called” Republican, who is walked all over and insulted every day on this wasteful excuse for a TV show. ( But, she sure does like her paychecks! ) How deplorably SAD!
Her mother didn’t bolster her reputation on an interview this week when it came to her :suck-up comments regarding her “president” J Biden McGoo, a.k.a.: # 46. Biden can also be recognized as a W.C Biden. (as in:a WC Fields wannabee ).

Ma McCain proves just how spot on DJ Trump is when it comes to recognizing who are the RINO’s minion sized club pack of loser’s are. Lizzy Cheney, Mitten’s Romney etc, etc, etc.. They are on the way out of the place known as “The SWAMP.” The cleanup of a few is all that is needed to bolster what is a party far stronger than the hatred filled, unhinged leftest, clan of Biden’s string pulling puppeteer’s who have tyranny of America and the Constitution destruction of our nation.

One other point. Take a good look at McCain’s mug shot. Her picture makes her out to be more like a full sized NFL linebacker. Or maybe a full sized NFL Lineman.

Black isn’t her color of choice in threads. Just sayin’.

LET’S START REFERENCING Biden for who he really is. He’s the real deal.

Biden is deserving of his recognition as the proverbial Mr. President known as: Mr. J Biden McGoo.

Where’s the FCC & other entities who are responsible for enforcing penalties strict compliance to FCC rules and laws for the abuse spewed over the public air from sea to shining sea, as they say.


I’ve read some of the comments made here today and, I have to wonder why our enemies haven’t already overwhelmed us! Some of us are taking stands on outrageous points while, totally ignoring the real threats to our Republic. It’s almost like putting a bandage on a serious wound!

Stacy Dougherty

The plain truth.. Just tired of the lies!