The Glaring Problem With the Left’s “Insurrection” Story

The Glaring Problem With the Left's

Dinesh D’Souza – With the collapse of the Left’s January 6 narrative, the Democrats needed to cook up a new story at their recent hearing on the fabled “insurrection.”

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Why not call them what they are “Democratic Socialist Communist party

The Democrats have control of the MSM and that’s a big part of brainwashing the listeners.

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I think they are headed toward fascism. They’re very close to starting book burning and rousting people from their homes. They’re trying to convince people we are bad so that they will attack us in the streets. This is more in line with what the Nazis did in Germany


D’Sousa’s been into the crack again.

Craig Murphy

January was a foray of about 300 radicals and knuckleheads and thousands of traipsing gallivanters.


1984 +Fahrenheit 451


The insurrection needs to be defeated; it’s high time that pelosi, biden, at al are incarcerated for treason.

Major B

More proof that liberals can’t ever be trusted….. about anything….. not ever!!!