The Firm That Sent Fake Ballots to Georgia


The Arizona firm who sent the alleged fraud ballots uncovered in a warehouse in Fulton County, Georgia, bears close ties to the Democrat Party.

Mailing instructions were seen in the uncovered ballots that showed the firm, Runbeck Election Services, is based in Arizona.

The firm claims on its webpage, “Since 1972, Runbeck Election Services has preserved the integrity of the American democratic process. We partner with cities, counties, and states to provide a trusted election experience with ballot print and mail services, and equipment and software technology solutions that are accurate, transparent, and efficient.”

Director of Elections for Maricopa County Arizona Rey Valenzuela provided the only testimony of the firm and shared, “Runbeck Elections is a subject matter expert on the process.” He also said that the firm is reliant not as a vendor but as a partner with competence to identify issues beforehand.


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Several questionable deeds and irregularities have been previously reported in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The footage below shows Valenzuela bragging about conspiring with an unnamed political group to “cure” the ballots by calling individuals thru the phone after the election. The activity lasted for a week and is unlikely performed under dual control.

When the Maricopa County Arizona Elections Director is used as a reference, it only implies connections to corrupt election procedures.

Brian Runbeck wasn’t listed as a member of the Executive Team but identified himself as the firm’s Client Services Manager/Project Manager and Production Coordinator. He manages the election ballots production and other related official election materials. He also claims to handle high volume production and high-pressure deadlines.

Brian Runbeck apparently made 50 separate donations to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Act Blue, and Joe Biden for his presidential race from August 15 to October 30, 2020.

As evidence of fraud continues to pile up, more left-leaning organizations are uncovered that have helped the Dems steal the coveted seat.