The Famous Guy With Feet on Pelosi’s Desk Speaks Out…

The Famous Guy With Feet on Pelosi's Desk Speaks Out…

After he was released from jail as he waits for his trial, Richard Barnett and his two lawyers joined Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly for a short interview on Greg Kelly Reports.

“This might be one of the most famous pictures from that situation on Capitol Hill on January 6th,” Kelly began as he showed a picture of Richard Barnett with his feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. “Looks like he might have been having a good time at that time, but ever since he’s been in a lot of trouble. He was identified through facial recognition technology and lots of folks knew who he was. He turned himself in to authorities on January 8th. He has now secured pre-trial release, but he’s facing a slew of charges.”

Some of the charges include obstruction of an official proceeding, disorderly and disruptive conduct, aiding and abetting, knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and violent entry and disorderly conduct.

“It’s fantastic. I’ve got to tell you, I reunited with my wife. I’m anxious to get home and see my daughter and my pets. And it was a tough row to hoe, but I made it through and I’m really excited to be out,” Barnett said when asked how he was feeling.

“Can I get your thoughts on—you’ve been in custody almost four months. There’s no evidence of you specifically hurting anybody or breaking anything,” Kelly said. “There are suspected murderers who have secured bail sooner than four months, and you’ve been in custody all this time.”

“It was tough watching those people go out. Not only did I not get violent, I even did what I could do to help officers at certain points,” Barnett replied.

Going back to the picture, Kelly said, “Some people noticed an instrument — a device of some kind on Mr. Barnett’s belt. Some say it’s a stun gun. I hear others say it’s a cane. What was it and what was Mr. Barnett’s intention with that?”

One of Barnett’s lawyers, Steven Metcalf explained that the said device was a “multi-use tool” that could be used as a walking stick, stun gun, or a flashlight.

“Mr. Barnett brought it for use primarily as a walking stick. There was a concern, admittedly, about Antifa protesters and possible violent acts,” Metcalf continued. “And because he just needed a walking stick for the next day, he went to the January 6th event with the stun gun portion of the device disabled. We stand by that comment. We have stood by that since the beginning. We will stand by that through the end. The evidence will support our statements and we hope to bring that out at trial.”

Further into the program, Kelly said as he expressed his sympathy, “I don’t think you should have been kept in custody. You may have made some mistakes that day, but I think it’s ridiculous that you were in custody for as long as you were. I’m glad to see you’re finally out. You’re going to go back to Arkansas now. What’s left? Is it true that your employer terminated you—fired you?”

“I’m an independent contractor, and I did have a contract with them. That contract has been terminated, but I also have another business that I’m very passionate about,” Barnett said before he repeated that he was “very excited” to go home and see his family and pets.

“Look, I’m an everyday guy, just like the rest of you,” he continued. “There’s been a lot said about me here. People who don’t even know me making accusations, but I’m excited to go home.”

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I wonder why the same thing isn’t being done to the blm that did the same in Ok. when they broke into the state capital there . Or what about the blm that killed that young black girl . Even our so called fake VP helped blm terrorists get out of jail after burning , looting and killing . But nothing happened to them … why ???

Maureen Stanford

For the same reason Donald Trump isn’t sitting in the White House today. They’re dirty and they cheat and I don’t care what the Google and Facebook fact checkers have to say about it. They make up the rules as they go….as long as they benefit from them……think Hunter Biden. Think George Floyd the convicted felon who stuck a loaded pistol into the belly of a pregnant woman, then being elevated to the status of a national hero, That’s why it’s so important to hold on to your guns for dear life They’re bound and determined to shred our 2nd Amendment rights calling it a “health crisis.” These people in the new administration hate Christians and they hate Conservatives. The word “fair” isn’t in their vocabulary.


the voting on this site is rigged to only upvote for the seditionistas – abort!


abort you

Ralph Short

It seems that most of the democrat martyrs are thugs with rap sheets as long as one’s arm. Democrat Communist Party of Criminals.


The dems must have checked and saw that this guy isn’t on the Soros, Harris, Biden payroll.


Simple explanation—The CPUSA,(democrats), is an evil bunch whose plan is to do away with the USA, and they will use ALL means to do this..,and second, the republican party is made up of a lot of these same type people, masquerading as republicans, who are happy to stand back and watch it all happen. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, and Mitt Romney are examples.

Della Where

I would like to know if he went inside when the doors to the Capitol were opened from the inside. Pelosi is the only one who could give that order. Secondly, did the girl from Harrisburg, who had a map, and stole a laptop, that I believe Pelosi planted for her to get, point him to her office? It was actually a conference room, Pelosi’s office is in one of the other buildings.


The thing is, if he had been in California, Oregon, Washington state, Michigan, or any of the other riot areas, and burning down businesses, burning down police stations, looting and shooting, he would have been paid out of jail by Soros, Harris, the Obama’s, Biden, the Clintons, Schumer, and the rest of the communist demonRAT mafia, and would have been paid for his services, and would have never spent any time in custody, jail, or face any charges. But, this guy doesn’t hate America, and he wasn’t on the evil communist “dark side” communist demonRAT mafia party that is determined to destroy America.

That’s proof of what is coming, folks, It’s only just begun.

Wayne Dasher

Gretta, I agree with you, but remarkably, Michigan has not joined the fray of troubled spots. You may have meant Minnesota.