Fact Check On Mail Delivery

The Fake Hysteria Concerning Mail Delivery
Image Screenshot From Fox News YouTube Video Below.

President Donald Trump has always made the news for interesting topics. People constantly ponder if he is acting dumb, or if he just makes the weirdest decisions on the planet. Above all, the people are curious to know if anyone can think differently, and with a pinch of evil in “almost” every decision. When it comes to making interesting choices and changing the way things work, President Trump is always a step ahead. This time, he made the news for a very interesting reason. 

Why is the Postal Service Essential? 

The postal union and the related leaders are requesting the federal government to fund them with $25 billion. However, the President is not going to give them the funds they are requesting for. This makes the managers and the postal union think that Trump is trying to sabotage their potential and plans. The USPS seems to be living off a big amount of money. If the above request is granted, the amount will be exhausted in less than a year. Yet the service of the postal department is extremely important, mainly because of the upcoming elections. If the service is not effectively funded and managed, millions of Americans will not be able to cast their votes.

As a result, their choice will not be taken into consideration at the November elections. But this doesn’t seem to bother the current President. Trump is rather interested in stopping the votes from flowing through post. He shows no interest in these voters. 

According to Trump, those who wish to vote need to be present at the ballot, which would be on the actual election day. 

What is happening in the Country? 

At the moment, thousands of Americans are not doing anything regarding the issue. Most of them are aware of the fact that things will come to a conclusion when the election draws nearer. Until then, the environment will be tense and uncertain.

There is hope that the postal service will find a way, and become financially stable before the November elections. Why? Because this department has always found a way to get back in track. 

What does the postal service say? 

According to the leaders at USPS, everything was working well until Trump and his shenanigans started to spread and gain power. In spite of the rejection and the unapproved request for funds, the postal service continues to work. The USPS quotes that they will function without any disruptions, even when the Trump government refuses to fund them. A statement was released by the postal union on Saturday. During the statement, details on how the postal team and letter carriers would function was shared. The union said, “The system is capable of delivering every ballot in a safe, secure, and timely manner.”

They continued to stress on the fact that the postal service will function flawlessly, even if everyone in the country chooses to vote by mail. This will happen, independent of the funding from the HEROES Act. 

The postal service and letter carriers are monitored by a fully formed system, which is carefully planned and structured. There is little room for any inefficiency or delays. The ballots are bound to reach their destinations in time during the November elections. 

So where is the problem? 

Now, you might be curious to know where the problem lies. The USPS Leaders claim that the ballots will be sent on time. Also, the leaders are quite certain that the functions of the postal service will remain intact, even if the funds are not granted. In such a situation, where is the crisis? 

The crisis revolves around the kind of power the Democrats are craving for. The Democrats want to become experts at everything, and they even want to dictate how the mail system should work in the country. This seems to be an overwhelming demand from the Democrats. Meanwhile, the media has triggered lots of heat around this topic.

For a considerable amount of time, headlines like “USPS Removes mail collection”, “Trump assaults US Postal Service”, and “Postal Crisis”, have circulated. These news reports have made the entire situation appear like a crisis.