The Double Standard of Jill Biden on Vogue…

The Double Standard of Jill Biden on Vogue...
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV – Former Trump legal advisor Jenna Ellis exposes the media’s double standard regarding First Ladies on magazine covers as former First Lady Melania Trump was not put on Vogue magazine while current First Lady Jill Biden was put on the cover.

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Melania was the best! I don’t think they deserve Melania anyway, Vogue is worthless now.

Nothing was fair for Trump and his family.

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Jill most admired?? Oh, my we are listening to, teaching to, depending on the bottom of the class. This woman had to be involved in propping up Joe for the campaign and NOW!! She will go down as the least admired ever for pulling that off, putting the country at risk in order to save Joe from being convicted in the minds of the folks as one of the most corrupt politicians ever if not criminal and his son, Hunter, probably from going to jail! If Joe isn’t proven to be in, at least, beginnings of dementia, I will profoundly apologize for thinking anything was causing his less than stellar thought processes and governing decisions!