The Democrats Will Have to Answer for This!

The Democrats Will Have to Answer for This!
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Fox News
– Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren discusses California’s soft-on-crime policies after a UCLA grad student was stabbed and killed while at work.

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I’m a conservative but…if we get all what we want “conservative Republican” control, they do NOTHING! Prime example is when Mitch McConnell speaks before the cameras and says President Trump will have to learn to understand that congressional decisions take time. SWAMP TALK! You get someone like our formal President to come in and wants to get things done shakes the whole system down to the core! They are so busy trying to make their little back room deals attaching this and that to a bill they grind everything down to glacer speed!

“JUSTICE will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”


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And HEMORRHOID Hillary (*illary ) Clinton will have to Answer a Lot of Questions about Benghaze , Russian Hoax ,
Unexpected Death’s , Hiding and Destroyeing Classified Information , Destroying Computer Disks , Hard Drives , IPhones and a long list of other things.