The Democrats Plan To Abolish Election Night

The Democrats Plan To Abolish Election Night
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It seems the Democrats and their media houses are determined to make a complete fuss of the Presidential Election results in November. The leftists and their allied media have already started warning the people of America not to expect a winner on the very night of the election. According to Josh Mendelsohn, the owner of the firm that the Democratic Party consults, if Donald Trump wins on November 3, it will be nothing but a “red mirage.”

David Brooks is the popular columnist of the New York Times. He predicted that a few days after Trump’s triumph, his victory will be withdrawn, and the counts of the mail-in ballots will place Joe Biden at the Presidential table in the Oval Office. Hillary Clinton also warned that Joe Biden should not be defeated at the election under any circumstance.

As the rational citizens of America, people should not believe in such propaganda that says the election night result is the thing of the past because of the new mail-in voting system. Always remember that the election night is a significant tradition in American democracy. As responsible citizens of America, the public should demand an easy reform that would protect the hallmark tradition of the American democracy.

The 2020 US Presidential Election is already knocking at the gate, and the few states that are presently on fire are not exempted from this significant day. The burning states like Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio, and Michigan should focus on reforming their election laws, or else they will be overwhelmed with the huge number of uncounted mail-in ballots on election night. These states need to make an arrangement so that they can receive all the mail-in ballots in advance, and count the votes as the ballots come in.

Otherwise, the entire scene will be a complete mess, where voters lose their authority, and the final result of the election will be determined in court after a series of drama in the courtroom and the backroom, performed by the left.

All states must take the 2020 US Presidential Election formalities seriously. They need to allocate all their electoral college votes by December 14, and if any of the states delays beyond December 14, it would be next to impossible for both Donald Trump and Joe Biden to have 270 electoral votes. Eventually, the final decision would be made by the House Of Representatives.

We shouldn’t forget that the Electoral College deadlock has never happened in American Election history since 1876, but due to all the nonsensical state laws regarding mail-in ballots this year, there’s a big possibility that we would see the Electoral College issue this year.

Due to the mail-in ballots system, half of the ballots are expected to be cast by mail. Each ballot needs to be processed by hand, which involves verifying each signature against the signature given in the state database. When it comes to counting all the ballots and verifying all the signatures for the eleven states that include Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, it would be a mountainous job until the Election day.

Based on the US Constitution, the states have major authority over the Presidential Election. However, after the 2000 Florida voting fiasco, Congress passed the Help America Vote act to ensure optimum voting accuracy.

One thing is clear — if anyone opposes these simple reforms, it means that that person has some kind of mischief in mind.

The truth is that a major number of the Democrats don’t want the Election night results released. They are even trying to postmark mail-in ballots, even after the election night. According to them, even the ballots lacking signatures should also be counted.