The COVID Relief Bill Should Infuriate You


Along with several ridiculous and unrelated hand-outs in the COVID relief package, more and more are being uncovered in the 5600-page bill.

Would you believe there are huge payouts to foreign governments throughout the bill?

“Asia Reassurance Initiative Act” might be what you think it is. We shouldn’t be sending money during a pandemic while Americans extremely suffer due to incessant shutdowns. Quite obviously, allocating $135 million and $700 million to Nepal and Sudan, respectively, wouldn’t keep our businesses open. Yet, Congress had different things in mind and would more likely feed their own interests and initiatives.

It gets even worse from here. Who would you think receives more from beloved America? No one else but Ukraine – the country that President Trump got impeached due to delayed aid.

And what better timing is it now that Trump is in the process of leaving the White House? The same people are hard at work again, shoveling the taxpayer’s money at the notorious dumpster and corrupt government. Who would stop them?

To make matters worse, Pakistan pockets millions for gender studies while the relief bill sets up a “climate security” advisory council. Unfortunately, this is now our sad reality.

Meanwhile, Americans get a meager $600 check via payments that, when summed up, only represents 7 percent of the bill’s total spending. The rest goes to special interests, big business, and foreign countries. Isn’t it outrageous?

Ideally, President Trump should veto such a bill, yet, he won’t. The president is also on board with it due to his major flaw in policy that is spending.

Both parties have failed us. And that’s the saddest part.