The COVID Misinformation is Coming from Inside the White House…

The COVID Misinformation is Coming from Inside the White House...
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Ben Shapiro – The Biden administration seeks new mask and vaccine mandates as they wildly misconstrue the data on the Delta variant surge; and Joe Biden’s got a huge inflation problem.

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At this point they’re gaslighting the American people.

The leftists and Democrats don’t actually want the pandemic to end. They enjoy the additional authority from the emergency powers.

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Of course covid misinformation is coming from the white house.

They are trying desperately to keep us scared.

The CDC WHO and Fauci have been caught lying about every aspect of covid.

The democrats have been caught committing voter fraud.

The biden EO’s from febraury have ruined the economy

No one wants to go to work becuase they make more staying home them working due to the biden covid payments.

Biden has been told to stop many if his policy items becuase they are racist, bigoted, or anti first amendment.

Blm and antufa are still rooted even though tge democrats stopped paying them.

All the defund tge police cities are trying to quietly refund to police.

Everything the biden administration has done has failed. They needed scared so you do not pay attention to the democrat disaster.

Masks and social distancing don’t work
Teachers make 3 times average salary.
Never vote democrat
Vote for school vouchers.


Yes, I am sure it is. But, I am afraid that with the media on the side of the WH it will not matter. They will scare people silly just like before we did have any Science, Stats and Facts and Force more lockdowns. But, I can’t see how the Dems think that will help them in the mid term elections or the 2024 Elections. I have to also say that the Republican Politicians are not fighting hard against this Rogue Admin Platform at all. If they would get vocal about this with their Constituents, at least,maybe we could more people to join our side of things. I hear Nothing from Florida Senators except request after request after request for campaign contributions. And not only for their own campaigns. I send lots of messages to my Senators and all I get is Interim Responses, which is not a response at all. If I do get real response it appears to answer a question I did not ask. They don’t attach their response to the message I sent.
So, if the Republicans gain any power it will be in Spite or themselves. And I hope there is a GOP candidate running against Rubio. If not, that seat is lost. And probably, Rightfully so. He seems to not have time for USA problems. And Scott is getting to be the same way. Talk a big game, but, no action. We are losing and they do nothing but business as usual.


OMG ! You beat me to it…(Democrats=fraud) everything you said is on the lips of every true patriot American. The only reason this keeps going is the MSM. They need to be shut down NOW!


The Harris-Biden criminal cabal, lying to the American people 24/7/365…,