The Computer Shop Owner Made Copies of Biden’s Hard Drive in Case He Was to be Murdered


You might have probably read about the censored New York Post explosive storywhich catapulted media attention back to the “Biden crime family” primarily on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. 

In an exclusive interview with Daily Caller, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani declared direct evidence implicating the Democratic Presidential candidate would be released ten days before the national election.

Giuliani shared new allegations based on extracted emails and text messages from a MacBook laptop’s hard drive of Hunter Biden.

According to the former mayor, the shop owner who repaired Hunter’s laptop made four copies of the hard drive after fearing for his life. The shop owner found disturbing materials, photos, and videos of sexual activity and drug use, making him turn over the original copy to the FBI.

“They gave it to the FBI, the FBI took it,” Giuliani shared. “He told the FBI agent he was afraid of the consequences.”

The former mayor also admitted releasing the evidence piece by piece to “catch” Joe Biden in his lies after his campaign denies them. He mentioned revealing it within 10 days of the much-awaited election day and said it could end Biden’s chances.

However, Giuliani didn’t commit to ever releasing the entire copy.

He narrated how the Mac Shop owner handed over a copy to Robert Costello, Giuliani’s lawyer, months after the original copy was given to the FBI. He said the shop owner also tried to reach out to other Republicans.

What’s more compelling is that the hard drive’s content corroborates with the tip of a confidential informant. In total, Giuliani claims there were “six or seven” violations in Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

Half of his son’s salary is given to Joe Biden as “kickbacks,” Giuliani said.

The former mayor reiterated how Hunter conveyed the message to his daughter in a text message, referring to Joe as Pop, who required him to give half of his salary.

“He [Hunter] was a bagman,” said Giuliani.