The CDC’s Reports Is Contrary to The Rest of The World’s Reports

The CDC's Reports Is Contrary to The Rest of The World's Reports
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Bannons War Room – The CDC’s Reports Is Contrary To The Rest Of The World’s Reports

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pureblood and remaining the same

It took a fake pandemic to show people the medical institution has been killing and ripping people off for years!


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biden is the stupid SOB !!!!!!

Ivan Yakinov

Biden is a stupid SOB. You don’t have the subtlety of our English language yet. How much will you pay me to edit for you? Ivan?

Jo Lilley

Fauci has done more to harm the reputations of physicians, the CDC, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and scientists than anyone in history. Remember when people could choose any doctor they wanted to go to that they had faith in? Remember when those same doctors were able to determine the best treatment for their patients? Remember when people went to the doctor once a year and had complete physicals and renewed prescriptions, then didn’t go back until the next year unless they got sick from something? People are beginning to miss those days.

Ivan Yakinov

Quite right! These American liberals are goats! The pen is clean ready for turds like them! I would love to join your movement. What do you call it. The bowel movement? They are all sukin syns! Thanks comrades! We don’t get to express ourselves where we come from. Nostrovia!

Sue Yessman

Thank goodness for someone who is willing to speak the truth