The CDC Loses More Credibility Thanks to Rejected Report…

The CDC Loses More Credibility Thanks to Rejected Report...
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BlazeTV – The far-left continues to berate Americans, telling them to trust the experts for everything COVID-related. But what about when the ‘experts’ have lost credibility? Not only did the CDC base recent decisions on a report from India that was rejected when peer reviewed, but officials also allegedly are allowing undocumented immigrants to enter Texas after testing positive for the virus. So, though Glenn says he DOES trust the COVID vaccine, are our leaders really surprised if other Americans are growing weary of experts’ ever-changing advice and standards?

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The CDC and Fraudci lost credibility WAY before this

I just want there to be a third category: COVID Survivor. Tested. Antibodies still present.

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Red Sundown

It’s so confusing, who knows who or what to believe??? My country, always my country. God help us!