The 2020 US Presidential Race: Who will win?

November 3 will be a crucial day in America and a day that can impact and affect global affairs. November 3 is the day Americans will go to the polls to elect their president for the next term.

Voters will have to choose between Donald Trump, the incumbent president and a Republican, and Joe Bidan, the Democratic candidate. In theory voters have a third choice in Jo Jorgensen, the nominated candidate from the Libertarian Party.

There was a time back in late 2019, when Trump was a clear favorite. The economy was heathy, the stock  market was all time high, the unemployment rate was low and Trump’s trade wars with other nations particularly China were seen as a tough president playing tough with nations that were taking advantage of the US open market. Then things fell apart, beginning with the Covid-19 pandemic. Trump took a “don’t worry” attitude claiming the problem will miraculously disappear come summer. Today America saw close to 2 million infected and with more than 110000 deaths, making it the nation with the worst record.

Trump’s election fortune took another killer blow when nationwide protests rage in all 50 states triggered by the brutal killing of George Floyd. Floyd is black while the alleged killers are white policemen. To quell the protests which at times went out of control with looting and some violence, Trump threatened to call in the military, a move that is seen as un-American. Even some Republicans including senators were against this move. The protests have not subsided.

All these tragic happenings have boosted immensely Biden’s chances of being elected come November. If Biden opts for a black female as his vice president candidate, as he is likely to, this will be another trump card for him to use to beat Trump.

CNN polls taken from June 2- 6 revealed Biden has a hefty 14 points lead over Trump, the biggest so far. The poll indicated 55% of those surveyed chose Biden as against 41% who pick Trump.

Trump is counting on rallying his supporters in person in giant rallies. He has planned the first come-back rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 19. This will be followed by rallies in Florida, North Carolina, Arizona and Texas, all critical and swing states which Trump must win to have a chance in being re-elected. Trump was unable to utilize this persuasion tool to maximum effect when the Covid-19 pandemic forced him to abandon any plans for rallies in the last 2-3 months. His last rally was in Charlotte North Carolina. Trump is a master crowd puller in rallies. He is known to use all means available to boost the crowd’s confidence in him as their supreme leader. His “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) and “America First” slogans appeal to the typical heartland Americans who see America as losing its once undisputed and unchallenged global leadership role to other nations particularly China.

It is no surprising Trump’s new re-election strategy is fundamentally based on China bashing. He, with the support of the Republican party, is claiming the Covid-19 pandemic that is badly affecting America and the world is caused by China, and China’s implementation of a new security law for Hong Kong is totalitarian in nature. Unfortunately for him, he cannot pin the raging protests throughout the United States which is America’s biggest issue currently on China. It appears America will have a new president come November 3 – President Joseph Bidan. And things will change for the better on a global basis. Hopefully.