Texas Governor Goes Ballistic on Biden Over His Border Health Crisis

Texas Governor Goes Ballistic on Biden Over His Border Health Crisis

The Next News Network – Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, Texas Governor Greg Abbott joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures. Governor Abbott and the state of Texas are currently dealing with the Biden Open Borders Crisis at the US southern border.

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This is madness! That FOOL isn’t leading America, he’s DESTROYING AMERICA!

Donald J Trump SAVE AMERICA Thumbs up..

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Rachel Hardison

Yes, Biden is letting in people, who have no money and we as Taxpayers will be burdened to take care of their every need and them having way to many babies so that they can collect more child support, more food stamps and more medical services. The border is closed to the Mexican – who have money, have vacation homes in the US, shop, buy clothing and other high price items – electronics, etc, build a new vacation home or acquire an investment property in the US. They support our restaurants, Bars, shops. We on the border need these people to maintain our businesses. Cut the illegal immigration now!.


Send them to Delaware and San Francisco !!! THEY invited them in. Biden and Pelosi pushed this disaster on us…….let them take care of them. The USA has always advocated immigration and we have helped in large ways…..JUST NOT ALL AT ONE TIME…doubt if many countries can deal with this either. 11 MILLION ?? Biden shoving them into small towns who are running on a thin budget, how is THAT gonna work, Ya’ll?

Elaine Rogers

Now Biden wants to spend $$$$$ to fly illegal alien
To the Canadian borden. This must stop. He has opened our borders to disease, gangs, smuggling


Yes and guess who has to pay for the plane fare ? Yep………

charles wilkins

Biden Falls Down Multiple Times Trying to Go Up the Stairs to Air Force One, Help I’ve fallen down and can’t get up! Pelosi, we all know Trump pushed him. Our Country deserves better, now the whole world knows we have someone in office who is not in control of his actions words or deeds. Ask Putin, I’m to busy to debate you, have to play video games at camp David.. Iran knows there is a leadership issue, North Korea knows it and so does China now. It’s one thing to trip over you own two feet it’s another thing holding on to two rails saying it was the wind!!!


Biden is ” leading ” our country like a blind dog in a meat house !!! Seems like we are sitting still and letting him get away with it….Gov. Abbot and a couple more govenors, Az and Florida are fighting back as well…..where is our strong leaders who are sitting this one out ?!!!!