Texas AG Ken Paxton Breaks down Decision to Lift State Mask Mandate

Texas AG Ken Paxton breaks down decision to lift state mask mandate

Fox News – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton reacts to the backlash against Gov. Greg Abbott for lifting coronavirus-related restrictions and ending the mask mandate.

Top Comments:

If you want to still wear a mask, then do so. Lifting the mandate gives “choice” back to the people.

Texas should intercept these possibly infected people at the border and give them a free bus ride to the nearest Democrat sanctuary.

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Briben biden

I agree park buses all along the border. load up the illegals and ship them to LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, New York new jersey new Hampshire, Boston, or Maine.

Give them all a note that says I am an illegal alien. give me clothes, food, housing, a phone, a drivers license, welfare, and free college. I am going to need money to go shopping.

then send them off on their liberal/democrat sanctuary adventure.,

Stacy Dougherty

As much as I understand what you are saying and agree but oh please I live in NJ and honestly I don’t want to give illegals any free ride especially a bus ride here. Fighting Iron fist Gov. Murphy high taxes and mandates!