Students Triggered Over Racist Rock Found on Campus…

Students Triggered Over Racist Rock Found on Campus...
Image From Video Below...

Ben Shapiro
– The Colorado Rockies have confirmed that the fan accused of yelling a racial slur at Lewis Brinson of the Miami Marlins was instead yelling at the Rockies mascot “Dinger.” Also, a large boulder has been removed from the University of Wisconsin-Madison after the Black Student Union and other racial justice activists complained about it being a “racist monument.” Shapiro weighs in.

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we have gotten to the point that even literal Rocks are racist… I’m so sick of this..

The rock has more intelligence than the people who wanted it removed

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Mark Orro

Because some moron reporter used a word that was common in the 1920’s they need to remove a bolder today? Well that makes sense t the same morons that the BLM bs is OK today Thos types of thinking only works for the truly clueless and we are over run by them now. Why does ANYONE give into them? Just laugh in their face and move on


“Diversity” and “Inclusivity” are Fake terms. They are meant to do exactly what they ARE doing. And that is just the opposite of what these Fake terms imply. I want to know what Country has a better record on Equality and Freedom than the USA.
Where would the people that hate the USA prefer to live? What nation is better than the USA? And why aren’t you living there if the USA doesn’t cut it for you. In the meantime our Politicians are allowing “Diversity” and “Inclusion” to destroy the USA.
It is nothing but lies and propaganda and we are falling for it.
And now, we can’t even get Republican Senators to Vote WITH Republicans on Major Issues.
That may out a major damper on this idea of Republican Landslides in the 2022 mid term elections which I know Republicans are taking for granted and they think they can undo all of the Biden Admin destruction. Which is also BS. They have to say something to make voters think they are not a major part of the Problem.
We, as a nation, better wise up very soon.