Stop White Hate: Can We Stop Blaming White People for Everything?

Stop White Hate: Can We Stop Blaming White People for Everything?

– Elijah Schaffer says recent events, such as the spring break chaos in Miami Beach and the mass shooting in Colorado, show us that there’s a greater human condition beyond race. Perhaps evil people are just evil and not everything is white people’s fault.

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The thing I don’t like about it , is the kids in school that have to deal with the bullying. People should just forum a class action lawsuit against the media.

I used to think these crazy leftists were just misguided. They are actually just crazy.

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charles wilkins

With poor southern border security on the increase gun sales will increase, the military will not be coming for your guns, nor the police, but the illegals involved with drug ,sex, and crime industries will be…out dated ideas are not in tune with goals established across America’s This guy is living in the past along with his advisors, his progressive dementia has caused his brain relays not to connect.. It is really time to impeach this guy, have a recall? or force his resignation. Our energy policy about to financially collapse oil and gas on the way up, our southern border overrun with virus ridden illegal’s with thousands more coming. The country more divided then ever and a bunch of radicals controlling purse stings who really never had a business of their own or had to meet payroll etc. spending and taxing, like they new what they are doing. The American people what to know your doing acting has a president? The frequency of blank stares has increased, the inevitable is occurring more often, where is this tax payor white house doctor? saying this person ever been approved to serve as President? Where is our country going now ? Are those who know what’s going on going to be held responsible for his mental decisions ? Is the only plan to bankrupt our Country and tear apart all the good that Trump accomplished? Taxes on the rise companies already planning to leave our country, is that the plan? tax and spend, tax and spend, why because they don’t know how to govern. What Democrat city or State is operating in the black? It/s Resignation time.

Craig Murphy

If they stop blaming white people, then who will they have left to hate?


Interesting that no one is holding accountable or even denouncing the attacks, violence, assaulting, destroying and looting businesses, bombing police precincts, burning down businesses burning down vehicles assaulting police officers. Even killing little children who have been innocently caught in all the crossfire. By the socialist/communist dams, lying fake news media, and big tech not condemning that at all they clearly are condoning it because it’s been going on for well over a year. It’s become clearer with each passing day there’s a socialist/communist Dems,lying fake news media, Liberal/progressive want to segregate the United States once again. So let’s do it. Each ethnic group will live in their own areas pay their own bills, pay their own health insurance, pay for their own food and housing, pay for their own police protection if they choose to, pay their own utility bills, etc. At no time will any ethnic group commingle any of their money. That should make a socialist/communist stems, lying fake news media, liberal/progressive much more comfortable so they don’t have to put up with white people and white people’s money.