Stepmother Of Police Officer Charged In Rayshard Brooks Shooting Fired From Her Job

On Thursday evening, Tucker Carlson from Fox News reported that the alleged officer accountable for Rayshard Brook’s death: had his stepmother removed from her job due to the incident. 

The stepmother of the alleged officer from Atlanta Police, Garret Rolfe, was working at a mortgage company. Melissa Rolfe is the name of Garret Rolfe’s stepmother. She used to work as an H.R. director in Atlanta, Georgia, in Equity Prime Mortgage. 

Due to the viral video and speculation against officer Garret Rolfe, Melissa Rolfe lost livelihood as collateral, following a trend of innocent working white people losing their jobs through leftist scrutiny. The worst part of this scenario is the only reason why Melissa Rolfe was fired for merely being Garret Rolfe’s stepmother. 

“According to a source familiar with the matter who spoke to this program, Rolfe was promised that her job was safe, but today she was told, ‘We have to terminate our relationship with you,'” Carlson continued. “No other explanation was offered and honestly no other explanation was needed. It was obvious what happened.”

Equity Prime Mortage had already removed any information linking to Melissa Rolfe on the company’s website. This trend of white oppression via kin punishment should alert lawmakers that they should protect innocent individuals from predation. The current path that America is walking towards keeps on getting worse every single day, even though America shouldn’t be a place that punishes relatives for the sins of their kin. Americans should never aspire to be that kind of country, and we have to stop this extremist behavior immediately.  

Later in the program, Carlson stated that the company sought out and claimed that Rolfe was terminated for social media posts, but did not elaborate on what the posts were or what they said.

Carlson concluded, “The bottom line is, it seems pretty clear they fired this woman because of who her stepson was, and just to restate the obvious, that shouldn’t happen in this country because it’s wrong and people should say it’s wrong, or it will continue to keep happening.”

Equity Prime Mortage publicly announced on Twitter that they’re a hundred percent aboard the diversity train:

“Diversity, Equality, and inclusion are deeply entrenched in the principles that help guide the actions of our organization. Our 23 fundamental principles comprise THE EPM Way, and the first one is, Do the right thing, always.

Our unwavering commitment to always doing the right thing has led us to sever ties with an employee who has expressed views that do not align with our culture. We do not tolerate racism, discrimination or injustices of any kind. EPM was co-founded by people of color intent on building a better future the best way they knew how, by bringing diverse culture into the conversation. We view business through an empathic lens. We care about the communities we serve and the people we employ. 

We have intentionally built a team that is reflective of the U.S. population. Not only do we make a concerted effort to ensure Black people are in positions of authority, but have recently increased overall diversity within our management from 68% to 80%, and we are nowhere near finished. 

We are dedicated to building wealth in communities of color that have historically suffered from systemic racism. We have and will continue to honor our commitment to removing them. Our efforts have significantly increased loans to Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Veterans to enrich their communities. 

We owe our successes to our employees who listen generously, speak courageously, and choose positivity. Representation matters, and so do Black Lives. Known to many as Equity Prime Mortage externally, we thrive by the principle of Empowering People More. We will continue to be a resource and voice to financially empower those we serve and strive to guarantee diversity every step of the way.”