State Of Emergency Declared In Kenosha

State Of Emergency Declared In Kenosha
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Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has announced a state of emergency. He has made it clear that deploying more of the state’s National Guard is a need of the hour.

It is time to put a stop to the anarchy in the Kenosha county. What kick-started the unrest and protest in the county was the shooting of a black man named Jacob Blake. Since then, it is the third night of mobocracy in Kenosha.

The presence of Wisconsin’s National Guard will be more prominent with each passing day. Almost 250 trained National Guards were doing the rounds in the county. The authorities have been forced to respond.

Unfortunately, things are way out of control. If there were protesters marching the streets in peace, no action or ruling would be executed. However, the phones in the Police headquarters are constantly buzzing. Loots, thefts, and armed robberies are happening all over the county. Gunshots, firebombing, and much more are occurring. It is imperative to put a stop to the lawlessness, explained Evers.

The city is on fire. Buildings are being burnt to the ground. Cars are being trashed and set ablaze. There’s mammoth destruction of public property being witness in Kenosha. Zach Rodriguez, a member of the ruling board of supervisors in Kenosha, made a remark, “Enough is enough.” He stated that the board is all set for an emergency meeting, and asked for immediate federal help. Governor Tony’s concerns is of not much help under the given circumstances. The situation of anarchy in Kenosha is worse than ever.

Authorities in Kenosha had ruled for a dusk-to-dawn curfew after the breakout of a protest on Sunday. There were rioters who defied to play by the book. The police had to take a call and act. Smoke bombs were ballooned and rubber bullets were shot. Officials are prepping up to enforce the night-time curfew on Monday.

The Kenosha Common Council legitimized and sanctioned a resolution on Tuesday noon. According to this, a state of emergency has been declared, following the violent protests after the police officer shot Jacob Blake.

The state of emergency will last until Friday. The mayor had requested the council to approve the state of emergency for at least three weeks.

The council was not too happy, given that the members have hardly had much communication from the police authorities and the Kenosha Mayor. Instead, the council members have been gathering information from the residents in the county. It is appropriate to say that the residents are threatened and furious, seeking for answers.

Kenosha county went public and announced the resumption of the emergency curfew on Tuesday. The pattern is pretty much the same — a dusk-to-dawn curfew. The curfew will start at 8 PM and remain in effect until 7 in the morning. Even the transit services were suspended by 4 in the afternoon.

The announcement was very sudden. Information about the curfew was declared just minutes — 20 minutes, to be precise — before all modes of public transportation came to a screeching halt. At the moment, the curfew is expected to be in full-swing until Friday. However, a couple of modifications were made to help the residents.

For instance, bus services will be available from 8 AM, an hour after the curfew ends at 7 in the morning. On Saturday though, transport services will resume at 9 AM. The last bus to drive through downtown is scheduled to leave at 3:30 in the afternoon.

City offices are mostly closed, but walk-in visits are permitted on Friday. However, there are rules, and no one can just drop by. Prior appointments need to be made.

Governor Tony Evers, County Executive Jim Kreuser, and Mayor Antaramian have jointly decided to deploy more of the National Guard troops in Kenosha.

“Every individual caught stealing, robbing, or abolishing properties will be arrested and sentenced to jail,” stated Jim.

“Destroying a city and bringing in anarchy is devious. They are the criminals of society. We will be teaming up with the local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities to take strict action against such criminals,” said Mayor John Antaramian. Law, peace, and order needs to be prevailing in Kenosha. Governor Evers is asking the rioters to switch to a peaceful resort.

Governor Tony Evers concluded, “It is okay to protest in peace, but it is not okay to cause rummage and anarchy in a state.”