State of Emergency Declared in Four Texas Counties

Four Texas Counties Declare 'State of Emergency'

The Next News Network – Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, Four Texas counties declared a state of emergency this week over the surge in illegal migrants due to Joe Biden’s open borders disaster.

Top Comments:

Just shut the border, turn back the illegals, and tell Biden/Harris to sod-off. Don’t waste any more time!

As a Texan, we’ve been dealing with this for years, while fat, rich politicians, hundreds of miles away think they are being compassionate, hurry up 2024, we need our president back !

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Doris Burgess

Does anyone miss Donald Trump? I SURE DO!!!!! Biden & Harris are disasters for this country!


Agreed 👍

Ella Bakken


janice Alderson

Dear GOD I pray today for you to reach down and save our country, from the the devils spawns. Save us dear GOD. Save the children.

American Man

WE need to remove these crazy sob before there is no hope to recover, they are going to ruin or future generations lets stick together and get a march on Washington and make these morons step down or sit back and let them stick it to us.

Stacy Dougherty

This may be happening now and needs to STOP however, the Republicans will have to do the tough job and this may look terrible but the Democrats always Put US in this position to “SEND THEM BACK!” So get the message out if you come “here now In 2020..illegally YOU WILL BE SENT BACK!


biden AND harris need to be impeached!!


THAT is for SURE!!!!!!

Craig Murphy

To hell with the crisis nonsense. Texas, declare it an invasion and exercise your sovereign right to stop it, with lethal means if necessary.


Outta sight, outta mind. It’s tragic all the way around. They’ll probably filter them into red states. Don’t get me wrong. Many of them are legit. But,it’s all about Biden saying “look what I did”, Who is looking after these people? Poorly planned,


There is only one way that this current administration has gotten into the prominent leadership of this country and we all know how and what a corrupt party the dems are. America knows and it’s not going to go down well for them at the polls next 2022.

Joe Eisen

As a Republican/Conservative. All I ask is for the government to let me be and also I do not count on the government except where provided in the Constitution and The Bill of Ri


They need to uphold the constitution and uphold the laws of this land! We all know how this happened!!!