Starting to Flip: Top Democrat Calls Biden a Prime Example of ‘Servant Leadership’

Starting to Flip: Top Democrat Calls Biden a Prime Example of 'Servant Leadership'

As Georgia Representative Nikema Williams welcomed President Joe Biden for his drive-in rally in the state, she called him a true example of “servant leadership.”

“I watched last night’s joint address with so much pride because it is assuring to know that we have a leader in the White House whose main concern is working for the people. He is truly an example of servant leadership, something that we’ve been missing for way too long,” she began.

“In Georgia, it’s a new day. And in our country, we have a new administration that has already shown their intention to work for the people — and that includes all the people,” she continued. “The last 100 days have been spent putting America back on track by getting vaccines in arms, money in pockets, and putting people back to work, and something that’s way important to me, our children back to school safely.”

“Thanks to President Biden’s leadership, we have over 200 million shots in arms and are finally turning the corner on this pandemic,” she added, before saying that she was “so proud” to “join my colleagues in Congress to pass President Biden’s American rescue plan.” As a result, the plan has been signed into law.

“President Biden’s plan has mounted a national vaccination program that sets up community vaccination sites and addresses disparities that we know we’re facing in our communities of color,” she explained. “Thanks to his leadership, we finally turned the corner on this pandemic.”

“We’ve scaled up testing and tracing to address shortages of PPE and invested in high-quality treatments. We’ve increased access to more affordable health care, including incentives like states in Georgia who unfortunately still haven’t found the political courage to expand Medicaid,” she went on.

“These new extensions would extend coverage to more than 500,000 people in the state of Georgia alone,” Williams added. “The American Rescue Plan sends more than $4 billion in relief to K-12 schools, allowing school districts to not only address safely reopening but to address the learning loss that happened over the past year during the pandemic.”

“More than six million adults in Georgia will receive checks of up to $1,400 per person directly in your bank accounts.” She emphasized, “That’s 88% of all Georgians—88%.”

“The other American Rescue Plan will cut child poverty in half with the child tax credit. Families will start receiving monthly checks as early as this summer. And we’re just getting started. We’re going to be bold and visionary, rethinking America’s infrastructure and creating millions of jobs in the process with the American Jobs Plan,” Williams continued before saying that everyone is currently “investing in families by expanding access to education, extending the child tax credit, and making sure that every child’s future is bright.”

“Last night’s announcement of the American Families Plan is the hope that our families and communities need in this time of uncertainty. The American Families Plan will provide economic security and justice to families, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our economy and care for themselves and their loved ones,” she said, obviously filled with admiration for Biden.

“This plan powers the innovation and growth of tomorrow through historic expansions and access to quality education and child care. Every three- and four-year-olds will be guaranteed access to preschool. Every child’s care will no longer be a financial burden for working families And finally, America will catch up with the rest of the world and guarantee 12 weeks of paid family leave.”

“Our president sees and understands the obstacles that we face in this country, and he’s proven every day for the last 100 days that he’s committed to working for us, the people,” she continued.

“So, today is about celebrating the incredible progress of the last 100 days, thanks to President Biden and Vice President Harris,” she added. “I know that we have a bright future ahead of us, and I’m so grateful for the real change we’re making for our country and for our children.”

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Stacy Dougherty

Nikema William has a bad case of dyslectic! for example if the word is God she will say its dog. Real change? I say What kind of change! This administration is all about spend spend spend! Bright future? Every time Biden reads off the teleprompter its a doom & gloom message. Harris doesn’t even show up for the southern border wall assignment and laughs like she has been smoking too much pot. Indoctrinating our Children is not a quality education and big Government taking control of our Children is not “American family care”! Really doesn’t the rest of the world have to catch up to America Freedom loving Country!


this lady has been smoking too many joints

Linda Anderson

If this wasn’t so pitiful, it would be funny. The last thing that Joe Biden would be labeled would be a servant. A servant is one who serves others. The only person Biden serves is Biden.


Biden is the Obama’s puppet. He does not know what he was doing, where he was, what he was reading or what he was saying. He is starting Alzheimer. He is very fragile and lost in the clouds of a dirty political scheme who stole President Trump’s election. He is taking advantage of Trump’s hard work on the vaccines, the economy and the jobs but It will not last forever with his leftist agenda.


That is your typical ignorant welfare mentality deadbeat communist loving moron. Stupid people like her thinks the money to provide those socialist programs come from trees. Other idiots think that all the government needs to do is just print more

Wayne Dasher

OMG, that is the worst piece of crap I’ve read in a long time. Who is this nut job? She is saying the exact opposite of what this administration says and does. I can’t believe it, nor should anyone else, but I’ll bet you she believes every single word, go figure!