Sneaky: McConnell and Pelosi’s Plot for January 6th


Mitch McConnell might have been the sneakiest and dirtiest swamp rat we have known for long. The senator is incomparable and makes Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney look like choir boys.

However, the King of the Swamp has just been re-elected, punching ourselves in the face. Right now, the senator’s action and inaction suggest he has been rallying to ensure Democrat Biden steals the presidential seat.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene said McConnell even teamed up with equally evil Pelosi to foil objection plans in the 2020 election.

Greene hasn’t offered any evidence of such “plot,” but claims rumors circulate The Hill. As a newbie in Congress, how much does she really legitimately know?

Yet, as they say, when there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Rep. Greene said, “Word on the Hill is that Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi could be working together on a rules change “deal” to block our Electoral College Certification objection. The American people deserve to hear about the voter fraud that took place on Nov 3 … NO DEAL, NO COVER-UP!”

Meanwhile, several people believe that the GOP works overtime to ensure the Dems succeed in the fraud and wonder how much they are being paid to sell votes.

Some people also don’t believe that Pelosi and Mitch could pull off the “plot.” But we wouldn’t be so sure. With the rollercoaster events in the past months, there is nothing else that could shock us.

Regardless of the plot’s legitimacy, the government has become much too big, lording us over instead of leading.

Several people believe the very same leaders steal our votes – and on many occasions, have crushed small businesses thru their insensitive restrictions. They have dictated when and where we can see or touch our families and friends.

At what point would we say enough is enough?