Sickening: This BLM Activist is Asking for What for Her ‘Troubles’?

Sickening: This BLM Activist is Asking for What for Her 'Troubles'?
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The Next News Network – Libby Emmons from The Post Millennial reports, Black Lives Matter leader Bree Newsome calls for reparations in the form of land reapportionment. She wrote on Twitter that crimes committed by the ancestors of white people should be paid by those descendants. Those who have benefited from the gains of white criminals past, she posits, should not be able to use those assets, if they are currently in possession of them.

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Sounds like she wants something just because of the color of her skin NOT because of what she earned… That sounds racist to me…🙄

Based on that perspective if her great-great-grandfather was a serial killer and killed my great-great-grandmother shouldn’t she be charged with the murder?


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If anyone deserves reparation is Native Americans who were murdered, land stolen from them, forced to live in reservation, live in poverty, etc. etc. Why is it that both blacks and whites make absolutely no effort to correct this wrong. I guess it is all about “me, me, me”. Get off your lazy “give me free money” status and earn a living and earn respect.


I’ve been screaming for years to give reparations to the Native Americans who did nothing wrong, but, everything wrong was done to them & more.

Blacks are too lazy to do anything, but, try & get everything for free & then blame any white individual they can, for what they are too lazy to achieve.

Read your King James version Bible & you will see how Cain killed Able, stole Able’s sacrifice & then went to Adam saying it was his sacrifice & took the blessing for Able & showed no remorse for killing Able just to get his sacrifice. God cursed Cain & his future generations, turning them black. Deception is all their first names & take anything we can, commit all the crimes we can, kill as many people as we can, burn down as many buildings as we can, steal, loot & anything else evil & criminal. Of course, then holler we got shot just because we are black. Most evil people on earth & think they deserve nothing for their crime.