Shots Fired At Trump Car Caravan In LA


A caravan of vehicles, with supporters cheering for President Trump and rallying towards Ventura Boulevard were clutched by the LAPD.

There were reports of gunshots being fired in Kelvin Avenue at around 11:26 in broad daylight.

The Police commented that a woman who was driving through Ventura Boulevard heard a blaring sound, which sounded more like gunshots. She was certainly not a part of the rally. She was only driving on her way through the Boulevard in Kevin Avenue.

The lady pulled over, and to her surprise, the front tire of her vehicle was completely blown out. Upon looking closer to figure out what caused the blast, there was a small piece of equipment that pricked the tire. It was either a projectile or a bullet.

Apart from this lady, a resident in the area called the police to report a person in possession of a gun. He was close by on the balcony of an apartment, pretty much adjacent to the reporting witness.

Of course, the police department had to act right away. The entire Ventura Boulevard was shut down. There were adept police units in action, evacuating all apartments and buildings in the area.

Soon after, the SWAT officers dropped in. They headed straight to the apartment where the suspect was previously spotted by the witness. Investigation proves that the suspect had company — there were two more individuals in the apartment. By the time the SWAT invaded, all of them had run away. There was no one in the apartment.

The LAPD acted as soon as they were reported of the incident. Someone may have pulled the trigger to impose fear and threaten the Trump supporters. It was not just gunshots. Trump’s friendlies were ambushed with bottles and other dangerous objects. Clearly, the idea was to hurt and injure the supporters in the caravan.

After searching through Ventura Boulevard in Kevin Avenue, no one was spotted. The suspect obviously got a hint and ran off in no time. “The police response was quick and smart,” stated Officer Drake Madison of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Fortunately, there were no reports of injuries or deaths. Only a woman was stuck with a flat tire — actually, a blown-out tire. There were no other damages reported. The investigation is in full swing. It is still not confirmed whether the sound was of gunshots or something else.

The Woodland Hills in Los Angeles was crammed with SWAT teams in action. The residents were asked to evict, and apartments were cleared out in a jiffy. Numerous men were held back, barricaded inside the home until the search was complete.

It was the best and most effective response by the LAPD. Calling in the SWAT team was a good idea as well. Shooting and hurling dangerous items at the pro-Trump rally in a place like LA is scary. The situation in the country is certainly getting worse.

Madison said, “Now there are three people holed up somewhere in the area. We need to dig them out of their hiding place. They certainly cannot be in hiding forever. The SWAT teams are much active and the search is still on.”

Police and authorities are watching the area of Woodland Hills like a hawk. There are helicopters doing the rounds. Authorities have directed the residents in the area to stay indoors. Loudspeakers are being used to relay words of advice. It is still threatening for the residents of the neighborhood.

The caravan hoisting banners in support of the President and the pro-Trump rallies have been plain sailing, until now. They have been cruising through the streets of the San Fernando Valley and a few more places. It was cheerful and hassle-free. This incident in the Ventura Boulevard was a bolt out of the blue.

It happened soon after the encounter between Trump supporters and BLM activists in Portland, Orlando happened. Although no fatalities or injuries were reported, the officers are still monitoring the area with an eagle eye.